mini dv to movie maker

  dhg 21:05 30 Dec 2007

I am managing to capture video to movie maker o/k but when viewed appears o/k at small screen but is blurred at full screen which gives the same result when burnt to a dvd disc. Im using the recommended capture settings, do I need to set these myself,if so what settings do I choose. thanks

  eedcam 23:21 30 Dec 2007

Mini -dv should be perfect when captured. Are you using XP How are you burning to disc are you exporting back to dv-avi first

  woodchip 23:31 30 Dec 2007

It is compressing the Video too much

  anchor 09:23 31 Dec 2007

Are you getting the poor picture after saving it as a wmv file from Windows Movie Maker?. If so, I feel sure woodchip is correct; too much compression.

When you save your video from WMM, choose the option "best quality for playback on my computer".

If you are already doing this, and still getting poor video, come back, and we will try to help.

  Les28 11:49 31 Dec 2007

As eedcam said are you exporting from WMM as dv-avi? Or are you exporting as a WMV file as anchor asked?
If you are importing from a mini dv camcorder as dv avi you may as well keep that format right through the WMM process.
When I've edited dv-avi film from my camcorder in WMM, under section 3 Finish Movie I click Save to my computer, on the next page select a name and location to save the file then on the next page the Movie Setting page click on Other Settings, 3rd radio dot down and from the drop down list select DV-AVI (PAL) in my case as I live in the UK.

Your DVD writing software will later compress the dv avi file to a vob mpeg2 file on your DVD, it will be roughly a quarter of its size on the DVD from 13GB an hour to about 3 GB an hour so will fit OK on a DVD disc.

  eedcam 13:24 31 Dec 2007

I'm wondering if dhg is using Firewire as see no reason for the captured footage to be blurred

  dhg 13:34 31 Dec 2007

Thanks for replys. Im using XP, My setting is best quality.I dont think exporting problems arise yet, my problem is getting a poor quality picture on the story/time line after importing fron vid/cam, Im not trying to burn to disc at this stage. commpressing to much may be answer,how do I correct? I did try to use Nero but got same result. I get no problem viewing direct to TV from camera so assume tapes have recorded o/k.

  eedcam 13:39 31 Dec 2007

Dhg are you using firewire to capture

  Les28 14:31 31 Dec 2007

Preview quality at full screen in WMM is blurred just read this

"Why is the video clip blurry when I preview it in full screen mode?
When you preview video in full screen mode in Windows Movie Maker 2.1, the default video preview size is 320x240 pixels, but the video display is automatically enlarged so it fills the entire screen. This results in the video appearing pixilated and blurry. To fix this, just save the final movie and play it back in a media player on your computer, such as Windows Media Player.

In Windows Movie Maker, you can preview video in full screen mode by doing one of the following:
• On the View menu, click Full Screen.
• On the lower-left side of the preview monitor, click the Full Screen button.
• On the keyboard, press ALT+ENTER."
It's the 7th item down on this page

click here

I've never previewed any of my original dv avi film clips fullscreen in WMM, I just have now and they're blurry, the DVD's I made from the film clips are perfect.

  dhg 14:45 31 Dec 2007

to eedcam using usb both ends. to Les28 the test portion I burnt to DVD was blurred

  Les28 15:14 31 Dec 2007

What camera make and model have you got? Does it have a firewire connection?

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