Mini DV to DVD...

  nick_j007 18:48 27 Jun 2004

Thought I would ask here for a few pointers before I get too bogged down in my own mess here :-)

I am wishing to transfer quite a few Mini DV cassettes onto DVD to back them up and make them easier to view.

I can either use Windows own movie capture software that actually looks quite user friendly, or MGI Videowave 4 that came on my PC a couple of years ago...which is my better option please?

I shall capture onto my PC using the firewire connection they both have.

Do I need to make any conversions to the footage before my home DVD player can read the burned CD?

I shall be using Nero 6 to do the burning.

Some simple pointers would be most grateful.



  Night Ryder 19:21 27 Jun 2004

I've used both these programs to capture video and there is little difference between them.
Use the fire wire capture which will give greater picture stability and quality.
Using Nero 6 is fine but if you wish to do a real good job you will require DVD authoring software to produce a disk that will play on your home DVD player. I personaly use "Adobe" Encore DVD. Not cheap, however.

  nick_j007 19:29 27 Jun 2004

Ok cheers,

So will I get stuck on the copying to DVD bit then? A bit pointless if I can't copy it over and then view it on my home system.


  Night Ryder 20:13 27 Jun 2004

You certainly can copy your captured material to a DVD but this will produce a data disk which can be played on your PC but not on your home DVD player. A DVD authoring program will allow you to create a disk with a clip or series of clips, menues etc., The authoring software will then allow you to create the DVD in the correct format expected by your home DVD player.

  Night Ryder 20:18 27 Jun 2004

I have a copy of Nero 6, which you mentioned earlier. I've not used this for anything other than producing data disks as I have DVD authoring software. I see there is an option in the program to create your own DVD movie which I've not used before. Perhaps this will do the trick .... Just know someone is going to correct me here.

  nick_j007 20:49 27 Jun 2004

Thanks Night Ryder.

I shall need to look into the DVD authoring software then.
I shall also look into Nero 6 a bit deeper.
I have DVD Shrink. Is that barking up the wrong tree I suppose?

nero 6 here I come.


  Night Ryder 21:10 27 Jun 2004

I believe DVD Shrink is just a program that allows you to compress your video to fit a DVD or CD. This will still just produce a data disk however.

  nick_j007 21:20 27 Jun 2004

Yes you're right of course.

How much is the Adobe s'ware then? I mean, how many hundreds is it? ;-)


  Night Ryder 21:38 27 Jun 2004

Take a look at this site click here
This software is very easy to use but quite expensive. I do this kind of work for a living and need a package that is quick and easy to use.
There are other les expensive titles on the market. DVDIt comes to mind. You'll have to decide how much you wish to spend.

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