mini disc to cd

  pat-212841 11:10 02 Jun 2005

I have just got a 3.5 jack audio lead but now i dont know where to plug it in Grift answered some one else thread and said put it in "analog out socket" but where is it ? i have found a line in jack but no line in out i want to put the songs i have on MD on to a cd .i have packard bell tower .thanks

  Indigo 1 11:21 02 Jun 2005

Try the green socket that you plug your speakers into, that is a line-out socket supplying 0.5 - 1.0ma and will power small speakers and headphones when required.

Just remember to turn down the volume on the mixer panel (control panel/sounds and audio/device volume) start off low and slowly increase to find the right, undistorted, level.

  pat-212841 11:30 02 Jun 2005

hi Indigo 1 i just did that but no sound at all sorry but am i putting the 3.5mm jack cable into the green socket and the other end of 3.5mm jack into the line in on MD ? thats what i done ! i am a woman so if i have done it wrong thats my excuse !

  DieSse 11:34 02 Jun 2005

Wrong way round I'm afraid - a line-in is required, not always available.

nohope ______________

You need an output on the mini-disc - at a pinch you can use the headphone socket, sometimes they double up as a line-out.

For a line-in on the PB - you'll have to read your manual to see if there is one, or if there's a setting you can change to make one. Sometimes the third (blue?) socket is line-in

You could try the mic-in (red) socket, but be very careful - it's not normally really suitable - make sure all the volumes are turned right down first, and be prepared for it not to work.

  DieSse 11:36 02 Jun 2005

Just to make it crystal clear - OUT on the mini-disk to an IN on the PB

  Yoda Knight 11:36 02 Jun 2005

Use the microphone socket on your pc sound card and the normal headphone socket on the md

  pat-212841 11:42 02 Jun 2005

OH blimey got it its working now ! BUT how do i put the songs on to hard disc ? cause as far as the computer thinks i have plugged nothing in .thanks for your help DieSse,Yoda Knight.

  pat-212841 11:51 02 Jun 2005

Its ok i just downloading Jet audio 6 see if that does the job .thanks .

  Indigo 1 12:24 02 Jun 2005

Oops wrong round way lol.

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