MiMedia proving awkward for me

  cowgirl66 09:23 05 Jul 2012

Hi I chose to use MiMedia for my online backup since it offers a free 7GB service and also because it has been praised for its simplicity to use and quick set-up. Apparently when the set-up window opens I should be offered 3 choices of set-up rules; the bascic one, the recommended one and the advanced one all depending on your choice of music, photos files etc to store All I can see on the screen when I start the set-up is the C:drive and the M:drive (the online drive for MiMedia) and nowhere are the set-up rules, which supposedly make the installation so easy.I feel I am either thick or something is faulty with the download file. But I have tried it many times,frome the link which I was given in my welcoming email to download the software and directly from the website itself.

Please help if you know what to do, regards cowgirl66

  cowgirl66 09:31 05 Jul 2012

Here is what my setup screen should look like, but doesn't


  lotvic 09:47 05 Jul 2012

On the MiMedia webpage 'Support' under 'How do I select which drives to backup?' it says:

After you install the MiMedia application, there will be a tab titled “Settings” where you are asked to include all the drives and devices that you want MiMedia to back up.... ....At this screen you will also be prompted to select your backup rules, which will allow you to choose Basic, Recommended or Advanced.

  lotvic 09:51 05 Jul 2012

Unable to look at your screenshot link, just get a message that it 'cannot be displayed because it contains errors'

  cowgirl66 09:54 05 Jul 2012

But I have reached the settings tab,Iotvic and that is where the backup rules are missing. I only see the drives and devices. I can't click on the next button. The only thing I can do is cancel and start the whole thing again, only to reach the settings tab where I am flummoxed. As you would be!

  cowgirl66 09:58 05 Jul 2012

All I can suggest if you can't see the picture is that you try an experimental installation yourself and maybe you will see what I mean. www.mimedia.com

  lotvic 10:09 05 Jul 2012

Did you click on 'Change Settings' button next to your pc/drive?

In this picture it looks as if that is what you need to do.

  cowgirl66 10:17 05 Jul 2012

When I click on the 'Change Settings' button, the C: drive is presented with all of its subfolders in a tree so that one has to go down through all the folders to pick them out manually. A bit tricky since if you click on the wrong one, it immedialy uploads to the MiMedia. This is why I am sadly missing the rules. So sorry about this Iotvic, but there doesn't seem to be an answer to this for me does there. Maybe I will give up. I feel cheated though as everyone else is saying how marvelous it is to set up

  lotvic 11:00 05 Jul 2012

Is there an 'Advanced' button on the Settings page? AdvancedSettingsScreenshot I do not have a pc spare to do a trial installation, sorry.

If you are worried about accidentally uploading to the M drive, you could disconnect your pc from the router (unplug the ethernet cable) whilst you explore the settings.

  lotvic 11:26 05 Jul 2012

has any rule already been applied?

what does it say next to the C: drive? Basic, Recommended or Advanced.

  cowgirl66 12:00 05 Jul 2012

Hi again Iotvic, I'm sorry that I didn't get back to you sooner. I can only say that all the tabs have been explored, such as they are and that is few. I shouldn't have to go into any 'advanced' tab (there isn't one anyway) since these setup rules are the standard setup choices made simple for the user of MiMedia. I can tell you have put a lot of thought into this on my behalf and I'm very grateful for all the advice you have given me.

Regards cowgirl66

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