Millennium to XP

  Macaonasa 12:38 21 Feb 2003

Any good links on the reasons to upgrade?

  vaughan007 14:11 21 Feb 2003

I dont know any good links....but personally I suggest you upgrade. I have used every version of windows ever released and it is by far the best yet. Too many specifric reasons to list here on my lunch break. But honestly, it is well worth it (dont listen to dinosaurs saying not to, they just cant adapt :-p ).

  johnem 14:27 21 Feb 2003

Provided you have a relatively modern printer/scanner and it is compatible with XP. Make sure you have all of the relevant drivers etc, then you should be OK.
You obviously have your own good reasons to move on up.
Are you thinking of using XP upgrade or a complete new install?
Make sure that ME is fully functioning before you upgrade, as a "broke" OS could be even more "broke" afterwards!!

  Macaonasa 15:02 21 Feb 2003

I would definitely reformat before installing. I was just wondering what the major benefits were and whether it could be configured so that everybody can use the one log-in, one profile etc. the same way the older Windows could.

  dth 15:02 21 Feb 2003

don't do it...... (stick to Windows ME)

  vaughan007 15:16 21 Feb 2003

dth says "don't do it...... (stick to Windows ME)"

Do do it! It really is much better. Some of my friends said is was rubbish and actually went back to ME. However, believe the magazines and believe the reviews and change to XP. If we all thought this way we would still be on Windows 3.1 or DOS.

I suggest a full install and not an upgrade to be honest. Then you wont have any problems.

"whether it could be configured so that everybody can use the one log-in, one profile etc. the same way the older Windows could."

Why do you want to do this?....the seperate XP user profiles are one of the best features and they work much more smoothly that on other windows system.....they are also very easy to setup and can be easily removed if someone makes a mess of not using them seems a bit...well....silly.

  Macaonasa 18:10 21 Feb 2003

Not using them's not silly if you don't need them.

  VoG™ 18:15 21 Feb 2003

I have my XP set up with a single account which the family uses. No logging on, passwords or any of that nonsense.

And guess what? This happened automatically when I upgraded from ME (single user) with an over-the-top installation.

I think that the benefits in terms of stability make it well worth installing. However, if you're 100% happy with ME then why bother?

  Macaonasa 18:22 21 Feb 2003

Thanks VoG, that's the type of answer I was looking for.

  jazzypop 18:22 21 Feb 2003

There are two real reasons (for me) to upgrade from ME to XP. The first is stability - blue screens and lockups that require a restart are virtually a thing of the past with XP.

The second is the ability to give each family member their own account. To all intents and purposes, this internally partitions the PC, so that the actions of one user do not affect the others. Desktop wallpaper, screensavers, shortcuts etc can all be set up exactly as each user wants. Email only goes to the intended user.

This has given other members of my family far greater confidence to explore, adjust and tweak, knowing that it will not adversely affect others, therefore their confidence and understanding has grown.

Whether my circumstances are the same as yours, I cannot know, therefore these 'advantages' may be irrelevant to you.

However, your reply to vaughan007's helpful comments are just plain daft - he cannot know whether you need them or not, but he has taken the trouble to explain them anyway, in case they are helpful.

If you continue to reply in that vein, you will soon be reduced to doing your own research.

Oh yes, and of course you can set up just a single user account and let everyone use that, if you want to.

  Macaonasa 18:35 21 Feb 2003

My comments are hardly daft given that many users seem to prefer single user accounts (VoG in this thread is another) - plus Microsoft thought customers might prefer this state, so much that they've built in the ability to choose.

In that light, when vaughan007 uses words such as, "so not using them seems a bit...well....silly" is at least smug in ignorance.

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