Mike seems to have gone dead for some reason?

  alternator 20:14 30 Nov 2007

Running XP, AVG, Zone Alarm, (all updated)
I have been using my mike for skykpe and recording without problems up until yesterday. I have been installing Mozilla thunderbird and configuring Gmail as IMAP and SMTP (I can't see why this should affect the mike- but this is the only changes I have made to the system with a few port changes for the email client).I have been through all the trouble shooting and have checked the Sound settings and all seems to be set correctly. I have tried the troubleshooter and tried to record on the sound recorder - no Joy. I have tried a different mike - no joy. Would be grateful for any suggestions, or does it indicate my sound card is on the blink

  woodchip 20:18 30 Nov 2007

Poor chap

  woodchip 20:20 30 Nov 2007

Right click Sound Icon in System tray Near Clock, Properties Go to Options Recording tick the correct box

  alternator 20:20 30 Nov 2007


  alternator 20:22 30 Nov 2007

Thanks for the effort but I did say in the original message I have checked all the boxes/settings

  woodchip 20:29 30 Nov 2007

Yes but thought you may have missed that one, Have you tried Uninstalling the sound in Device Manager Then Restart Comp

  woodchip 20:30 30 Nov 2007

It may have a yellow Icon saying Drivers not installed etc

  alternator 20:32 30 Nov 2007

Thanks I will give it a go, and report back

  alternator 20:48 30 Nov 2007

Done that, but no joy I am afraid. The device manager and properties report that it is working, so I went through the trouble shooter doing more or less what I did before without any luck. Unless you have any other ideas, it looks terminal to me.

  woodchip 20:53 30 Nov 2007

Have you tried Restore to a older date it may work

  woodchip 20:55 30 Nov 2007

One other thing to try, as I had Problems with sound once. It was a Bad Jack plug try wiggling the jack while testing it

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