Migration software

  griffo 17:00 14 Mar 2009

I have spent the last two weeks installing XP Pro plus many programs onto a new PC which has developed a number of faults and has to be returned to the suppliers for replacement.

The HD is (I believe) OK and I was wondering;

if I keep the HD and get an alternative PC (different spec) as a replacement, can I use it in the new machine?

I guess it's too much to expect to be able to install it and have the system run without re-installing Windows. However, if I re-install XP onto the new HD, is there some way of 'migrating' all the programs from the other HD onto the new HD? This, if possible, could save many hours of work.

  Strawballs 21:11 14 Mar 2009

If you install the HDD in the new PC and do a repair install then it might work and you will keep all of your data. If it is an OEM then it might not work and techically should die with the other PC

  griffo 09:00 15 Mar 2009

Thanks for that, it will be first on my 'wish list'.

However, if that doesn't work, what about the migration question please?

  Pine Man 09:17 15 Mar 2009

As strawballs says installing the old HD on a new machine might well work but the main problem will be drivers for the new hardware, which will almost definitely need replacing.

As far as 'migrating' the programs from your old HD to a new one, that will not be possible and, if your old HD cannot be used, can only be carried out by a fresh installation from the original disks.

  Pine Man 09:21 15 Mar 2009

... if you put your old HD into a new PC in addition to the new PCs HD you may well be able to run your PC from the o/s on the new HD and run the programs from your old HD.

  griffo 13:24 15 Mar 2009

That was what I was asking (hoping), but will programs like MS Office (2007) 'relate' to XP on the new HD?

I am fairly sure that one (bespoke) program I use will not work this way, as I asked the suppliers some time ago if it would run off an external HD - they said it wouldn't.

That's why I hoped that 'migration' software might do the job.

  brundle 13:30 15 Mar 2009

That won't work, you need to reinstall the programs so Windows has the relevant registry entries.

  Stuartli 15:47 15 Mar 2009

If you ensure you have a backup (just in case!), and decide to use the HDD in a new system, immediately you have installed the drive you should undertake an XP Repair.

Normally this retains all programs, applications, utilities, configuration etc. See:

click here

on how to undertake an XP Repair. Make sure, if you go ahead, that you select Repair and NOT Recovery Console during the initial process.

  griffo 08:45 22 Mar 2009

Thanks for the replies - will give it a go.

  bartenbach98 21:00 02 Apr 2009

Hi Griffo,
Looks like I am trying to do the same as you are / were.
Did Stuartli's suggestions from 15th March do the job or did you need some severe tweaking to Registry etc?

  griffo 21:14 09 Apr 2009

I put the existing HD into the new system, which has mostly the same hardware (main difference is the CPU) and it worked straight off, although it seemed a bit hesitant.

I tried a repair, nonetheless, but it asked for an Administrator password (don't think I set one on the original install). I put in the only password which I thought might work (having tried a couple of others which it rejected) but it just gave me the c:windows prompt - so that went nowhere.

I would feel happier doing a 'repair' but can't because of this wretched password thing!

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