Migrating Files from old HDD to new computer?

  Kiwi050958 07:16 17 Jan 2014

Hi all, I have recently bought a new computer running Win 8.1 due to problems with trying to upgrade my old computer. The HDD on the old computer is ok but I'm wondering whether to fit it as a slave drive on the new machine, or migrate files across to the new HDD. The old drive has Windows Vista on it, could you advise the best solution please. Best Regards, Bob.

  Ian in Northampton 09:39 17 Jan 2014

Bob: no reason you can't fit it as a second drive for your data files - but you'll need to reinstall all your programs on your new drive.

  Kiwi050958 14:40 17 Jan 2014

Thanks Ian for your post, will I need to remove the OS,(Vista) off the old drive? I'm wondering if there would be a conflict with the other drive having Win 8.1. Also when you say re-install programs I presume you mean things like MS Office and any other software I've installed, but things like photo albums can still stay on the slave? Best regards, Bob.

  rdave13 14:59 17 Jan 2014

Personally I would get a caddy for the old drive to connect via usb. Copy your docs (photos, music etc.) over then I would format the drive. Then use it as an external drive for your backups. You can then keep the backups away from the PC.

  Ian in Northampton 17:15 17 Jan 2014

Bob: no, there should be no need to remove your Vista files (other than to free up some space). There won't be a conflict: your new machine will (should) only look for an operating system on the new drive, not on any other drive. And yes: office, a browser, other utilities you may have previously installed. Btw, for the latter: I strongly recommend www.ninite.com. It's never let me down. You just tell it what you want to install, and it goes ahead and does it all for you, automatically and crap-free. It's saved me hours.

rdave13's advice is (as always) good.

  Kiwi050958 10:03 23 Jan 2014

Thank you both for your help. Best Regards, Bob.

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