Migrating data to new computer with Outlook 2003

  Ads 23:10 31 May 2004

This is a question but also possibly a solution. I have just been migrating data from an old computer with W98SE and Outlook 2000 to a new one with XP and Outlook 2003. Should be simple but no, what a pain! I decided not to use the XP wizard as I only wanted to migrate My Documents and Outlook data (I tried it though - didn't work). Admittedly there were a lot of subfolders in the Inbox and many emails. My Documents was easy. Just a transfer of a copy on CD. Outlook was much harder. Previously I have just copied the .pst file contining all the folders. However Outlook 2003 didn't accept this. The Import/Export feature didn't work either. The data just would not load onto the new machine. To make matters worse data files stored on CD by the old machine were invisible when the CD was read by the new one (WHY?). Finally I found the only solution was to transfer the data to Outlook Express, then export it to CD, then import it to OE on the new machine, and then import it from OE to Outlook. Not very elegant or efficient but it worked although the emails were all dated for that day.

Is there a better way? Why was it so difficult?

  kp 23:22 31 May 2004

The .pst file on your back up CD is a 'read only' file and you can't import it directly from the CD into Outlook. The easy way is to copy the.pst file onto your new hard drive. Right click to change the properties and uncheck the 'read only' box. You should then be able to import into outlook without problems. Hope this helps. kp

  anchor 19:54 01 Jun 2004

Follow the method given by kp. I have done it, and it works fine. Copy the file to a spare folder, remove the read only attribute, and import it into Outlook.

  Ads 22:33 01 Jun 2004

1) I'm not with the old computer at present so I can't check, however one of the problems I encountered was that some files on the CD were completely invisible to the new machine. The icons were not shown and yet in the old machine they were clearly there. Could this be explained by the fact they were Read-only?

2) I have previously transferred files between 2 computers with Outlook 2000 with no problem by merely transferring the Outlook data file on a CD. The difference this time seemed to be that the new computer was running Outlook 2003. Even if you could see the icons it seemed to transfer the file, but this data file could not be accessed by Outlook 2003. I could however find an appropriately sized pst file of data on the hard drive of the new computer when I searched for it. I fiddled with Profiles but had no success.

  anchor 20:20 03 Jun 2004

I transfered the pst file from my old setup running Outlook 2000 to the new one with Outlook 2003; no problem. I can`t see that being "read only" should make any difference in files being viewable on the CD.

Is you new CD-Rom working OK?. If you see the files on the old machine, but not on the new, it suggests a problem with the CD-Rom. I had a similar intermittent problem with a CD-Rom recently, which was resolved when it was changed.

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