Migrate ITunes

  collinsc 12:13 15 Jan 2012


I have a previous post asking in general about transferring files from old to new laptop - in the post i had mentioned i wanted to migrate my i tunes. Someone had kindly posted this link: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4527

The theory is very simple, however, when i paste my itunes folder on to my new laptop itunes is insisting i convert the tunes - this is confusing as they are fine on my old laptop- why would they need converting on the new one!?

So, OK... if thats what it takes the i'll just let it happen. However, the conversion is taking 6hours+ (i stopped it and deleted all music at this point) - and there are 3+ versions of each song appearing in the itunes list - i just dont get it!

Advice greatly appreciate.


  KRONOS the First 12:58 15 Jan 2012

I back up the whole of My Music folder which also contains the itunes folder. When I reinstall Windows,which is fairly often in my case as I always seem to be upgrading one component or another, this week its the motherboard. After reinstalling Windows and then reinstalling itunes I then copy the complete contents over from the old itunes to the new itunes folder. I have never been ask to convert.

So I am thinking that some setting needs changing or has been changed in your case,though I cannot think what.

  collinsc 13:54 15 Jan 2012

hmmm ok thanks, no i can't think what settings either.

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