midnight online connection shutdown queery

  pharte 23:22 17 Jan 2005

I run AOL bb and both computers on my network automatically shut the aol connection and the msn messenger at midnight every night. my connection stays alive and internet explorer stays active as does everything else. is it me or anyone got a simple answer ?

  VoG II 23:25 17 Jan 2005

I'm not sure what the question is. In the first sentence you say they shut down. In the second sentence you imply that they do not. Puzzled.

  JaßîsFaß ˜ 11:26 18 Jan 2005

From your thread title I could tell you are an AOL customer. Same thing happens to me. It's just a temporary disrupt to the connection. AOL restarts and reconnects. I assume there is a date issue for AOL software that has to refresh perhaps. Not made enquiries myself as it is not much of an issue as I tend to use IE for browsing.

  pharte 21:16 18 Jan 2005

sorry VOG I'll try and make it a bit clearer.

I run AOL

at 12.00 EVERY midnight my AOL connection closes itself.

at 12.00 Every midnight my msn messenger closes itself

my internet explorer does not close itself

my computer is totally unaffected

my other networked computer on the same modem router does exactly the same at 12 midnight

i can live with it but am curious as to why and if anyone had any ideas.

o/s xp home on 1 comp and xp pro on the other, different versions of msn also.

  CurlyWhirly 01:09 19 Jan 2005

I too am on AOL broadband and I can leave my PC on for 24 hours if need be with NO loss of connection!
I must be one of the lucky ones! lol

  JaßîsFaß ˜ 16:07 19 Jan 2005

Out of interest do you use a router? Pharte and I both do and wonder if this is related?

  Sapins 16:13 19 Jan 2005

I have Wanadoo, France, broadband and the connection closes every 24 hours. When I queried it Wanadoo said it is for security reasons. Try leaving it on for 24 hours starting at a different time to see what happens.

  Graham ® 16:47 19 Jan 2005

Has anyone asked AOL?

  pharte 21:49 19 Jan 2005

I've tried the live help muppets but after they tripped out the same old crap of "download new modem drivers, repair aol and reinstall msn I gave up.

I'll just live with it i suppose.

  CurlyWhirly 00:19 20 Jan 2005

Out of interest do you use a router?

No, I use a BT Voyager 100 ADSL USB modem!

  JaßîsFaß ˜ 11:00 20 Jan 2005

Thanks CurlyWhirly, I think it is not an AOL issue, and perhaps to do with router settings. The router may be doing something at midnight that causes the AOL software to drop out, but as AOL have the 'keep connected' tool it gets itself back within seconds.

I may look at the router config and see if there is anything there.

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