Midi sound problem

  The Shepherd 14:34 03 Apr 2004

I can't get any sound from midi files.
Windows Media Player is installed and music cd's and video cd's all play ok.
On midi files the media player window comes up, I press play, the " slider" and the counter move but no sound.
Any " not too technical " advise would be appreciated.

  Indigo 1 14:44 03 Apr 2004

Which soundcard are you using ?

  The Shepherd 18:09 03 Apr 2004

Thank you, Indigo 1
I'm afraid I don't know what sort of sound card I have,( don't know how to find out )
It won't be anything fancy, the computer is a bout 3 years old with a Celeron chip, 750mgz ??

  Indigo 1 18:15 03 Apr 2004

Hmm you probably have on-board sound, does the term Avance97 ring any bells ?

Sorry no joke intended ;o)

Go to click here run the prog and report back, it should give details of harware installed and also some software.

  The Shepherd 20:06 03 Apr 2004

Avance97 doesn't "ring any bells " (nice one!)
( don't have any sound !!)
Followed your advice, have only found,
SoundMax integrated digital audio

I'm none the wiser !!

  Indigo 1 02:42 04 Apr 2004

What this means is that it has very limited possiblities and so has minimal drivers.

I would not expect it to be capable of translating and reproducing MIDI sounds which is quite complex, you would need at least a 16 bit PCI sound card, yours is likely to be 8 bit and as it is integrated, so consumes on-board resources.

What do you crate the MIDI files from ?

Do you want to play them as an accompanyment to your keyboard or guitar ?

If so you will need a Sound Card that fits in a PCI slot and you can do a lot worse than Creative Sound Cards click here these are more than capable for your needs.
click here
For prices

  The Shepherd 11:27 04 Apr 2004

Thanks again Indigo 1 for the advice.

Don't know what " crate the Midi files from " means I'm afraid ( yes I know I'm thick)

I'm interested in traditional music and the teacher puts some of the tunes we are learning on a midi file so we can hear how they should sound and be able to play them.( of course I can't....yet )
That is all I really need in the way sound.
Oh, mp3 files play ok as well.

I shall tell a friend of mine about the sound cards you have mentioned, he is more into computers than me, I'm more into sheep !!

  kimjhon 12:23 04 Apr 2004

Take it you have Win 98.

Control Panal | d/click on the Multimedia icon | see if you have anything showing on the MIDI tab

  The Shepherd 12:42 04 Apr 2004


Yes have win 98 se

Found midi tab ( never been there before!!)

midi output
single instrument
Roland MPU -401

Microsoft GS Wavetable SW Synth

  Indigo 1 14:40 04 Apr 2004

That means it is capable of emulating sounds created with the Roland MPU 401. That's good.

You will need to look in properties (not sure where in W98) for that device and make sure that Use MIDI Features is enabled.

  QQAA 15:20 04 Apr 2004

from the OEM disc supplied with your pc when it was delivered. i guess there might be a separate disc provided for this purpose, which you have missed.

i cannot understand why the integrated SoundMAX audio chip (developed by Analog Devices Inc.) on your pc's motherboard could not play midi music files. it should be much more capable than playing midi files, i suppose.

it should help if you tell the people here regarding thee maker of your pc and the motherboard model. Such details can easily be figured out from many free utilities tools such as SiSoft Sandra 2004.

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