Midi files

  fazer 09:47 16 Aug 2003

Is there anyway that midi files can be copied either onto the hardrive or a CD and played back.

Found a great site on Pink Floyd with some good tracks - but choosing "save as" only saves a "link" to the internet site therefore, everytime you want to listen to it, to have to connect and I really want to play them on my cd player downstairs !

  ton 20:25 16 Aug 2003

Have you tried right clicking on the file? It depends on the site, but this often works.

  ton 20:32 16 Aug 2003

I should add, then click 'save target as'.

  fazer 10:31 17 Aug 2003

I do right click and I get the "save ..." dialogue box. The problem is, I can only save the "target" or "link" to the site and not the music itself so my media player has to be connected to the internet to play the file.

What I would like to be able to do, is copy the music complete onto my hard drive so that it can be played off-line or re-recorded onto a CDR that can then be played elsewhere.

I must add I'm a bit of a computer novice but I am assuming that if the computer is receiving a sound stream through the modem, onto the computer then through a media player, then there must be a way of "intercepting" that stream and recording it. Or am I wrong?

  ton 12:06 17 Aug 2003

Try this site click here ,find the midi files, then right click on one of the files (when it is not playing). Click 'save target as', a box should then open to say where it will be saved, click if ok. This site does allow them to be saved, I just tried it.

  Peverelli 13:35 17 Aug 2003

Quite often a midi file that has been played on your computer will have been stored in your Temporary Internet Files. Try to do a search/find for *.mid and see if there's a file timed at the time you last played it (that sentence looks strange but I hope you know what I mean). The midi file itself contains no music, just instuctions to sequencing software or music keyboard etc on what to play. You'll find (I think) a midi to wav converter on the PCA download page click here which might do what you require.

  fazer 18:23 17 Aug 2003

Thank you both - have now the files on my hard drive. You're right, it does depend on the internet site !

All i need now is a midi to wav converter !!

Thank you both again.

  Peverelli 19:51 17 Aug 2003

Is my link not a midi to wav converter?

  fazer 14:16 18 Aug 2003


Thank you for your response.

Your link is to something that does not support windows XP. It does'nt actually give any details what it does either!

However, if you are sure that this software will work, then I will download it and try it out.

Would you be so kind to confirm this.

  Peverelli 15:01 18 Aug 2003

Sorry fazer, I've not actually used this program so I can't confirm that it'll do what you want. I have an Audigy2 sound card that has a "record what you hear" function so I use that when playing a midi file. The only thing I can suggest is to download the program and try it. If it isn't up to the job then uninstall it.

Good luck.

  fazer 18:48 19 Aug 2003


Thank you again for your response; I've downloaded something! - it looks promising but confusing so I need to do some homework (lots of it)learning about MIDI files etc.

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