Midi Connectivity - What do i need?

  SpyMan²°°­­³ {:o)){--< 14:49 23 Apr 2003

I have just bought an electronic keyboard...now i want to attache it to my computer so that i can record music into one of my music packages (Acid Pro 4.0 and Cubase SX)

Someone mentioned that I can connect the keyboard to the gameport. I have one of these...but can i still record into my packages through it?

Will i need to install my keyboard so that it will work through that port or something..or will it just work straight away?

Any links to sites discussing similar things...or any advice or comments would be very helpful

  scotty 15:08 23 Apr 2003

I'm recall seeing a USB - midi connector in PC World.

They also sell a Belkin midi-soundcard connector. Check it out here:click here

  Peverelli 16:23 23 Apr 2003

It will work straight away. Use the settings in Cubase to find the correct midi input & output. You will also have to consult the keyboard manual. If I remember correctly from your previous thread you have a Creative Audigy card. Does your new keyboard have its own speakers? If so, then you have the choice of hearing the sound from either the PC's or keyboard's speakers. Unless you've bought a cheap keyboard, the keyboard's speakers will give you the best sound (especially if you connect them to a hifi or PA). When you mention recording music, do you mean recording the sounds from the speakers (as a wav file) or recording as a midi file? The wav file will use up 10Mb per minute but a typical midi file is about 50Kb for the whole song/tune.

By the way, which keyboard did you buy?

  SpyMan²°°­­³ {:o)){--< 22:18 23 Apr 2003

Thank you both for your responses.

My keyboard does have its own speakers and it is the Yamaha DGX-300.

I want to record them as midi, and that way i can add them to my acid pro or cubase projects.

I haven't had much chance to actually play on my keyboard yet as i have been doing work for uni but summer is coming...i will have plenty of chance then.

Scotty...you are right about the USB-midi adaptor but it costs around £50...i will first try it in my game port and then i might part wth my cash for the adaptor if that fails.

Thanks again

  Peverelli 08:15 24 Apr 2003

Game port worked perfectly for me, connected to my keyboard with a £15 midi cable. I have an Audigy2 card now & that has its own midi port.

Good luck & enjoy.

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