MIDI clips on Web sites

  musad 16:32 27 Nov 2009

After years of normality, suddenly the embedded MIDI cplips on my web site won't play on my computer, and the Windows Media Player play bars are replaced by "Missing image" icons. How do I make Windows Media Player my default player for Internet MIDI clips?

  Graphicool1 15:44 28 Nov 2009

I don't use WMP however, when installing the players I do use. I got the option to have them open various file types. So, if push comes to shove you could always reinstall WMP and set the file types then.

I just opened 'Real Player'
clicked on 'Tools' then...
'Media Types'
Then 'Manually configure media types for Real Player'

Check it out, the wordings might not be exactly the same for WMP but it can't be that much different.

  anchor 13:39 29 Nov 2009

On my older version of WMP, I have done this:

open WMP, click on tools, then select options. Select file types, and choose select all. Click apply, and then OK.

That may do the trick. I don

  anchor 13:54 29 Nov 2009

I was about to say, I don`t know if its the same in new version of WMP.

In the meantime try my site to see if you hear the music. (I made it last week for our American friends)

click here

  musad 14:51 29 Nov 2009

Thanks to all responding. My file types are correctly set but there is no special mention of Explorer MIDI files in the list. I can hear the music on your site, Anchor, but the play bars are still missing on mine. (Other people I ask have no problem: probably they have an older version of WMP, as I once had.) I fear it may be a problem specifically with Embedded MIDI files (EMBED has always been a flaky tag). There are rumours that these files would play in QuickTime if it was installed, but I was hoping there might be a more straightforward answer for WMP. Any ideas out there?

  anchor 14:53 02 Dec 2009

As a test I have made a page based on my previous one with the Embed command. Have a look; Works for me.

click here

  musad 17:33 02 Dec 2009

anchor: thanks for that. Very interesting. The music plays when I call up your "genuine" page (with the first "click here" above), but when I click for your version with EMBED I get the same warning noise as occurs when I go to my own web page with the EMBEDded Midis and see no play bars.
But that same page runs perfectly from its "home" on my own hard disc, and also from a CD-ROM. Can anyone tell me what's going on?

  Technotiger 18:11 02 Dec 2009

Your first link has no sound, second link does have sound. Using Firefox 3.5 and XP.

Just thought you would be interested.

  anchor 13:14 03 Dec 2009

Technotiger; I was interested to note your comment. I do not use Firefox, but found this page that explains the problem of playing midi files from a web site, and offers a remedy.

click here

  Technotiger 13:37 03 Dec 2009

I have not got any problems - just thought you might be interested.

  anchor 16:21 03 Dec 2009

Technotiger: Yes, I was interested. Thank you for your observations.

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