micrsoft outlook

  jackodoodle 15:30 15 Nov 2005

Dear Friends
I am completely new with computer.I can't use microsoft outlook.I can use internet explorer.Please help me.

  recap 15:43 15 Nov 2005

Could you explain in a little more detail please jackodoodle.

What happens when you try to open Outlook?

  DieSse 16:15 15 Nov 2005

D you really mean Outlook - or Outlook Express - they're quite different.

You can do a google search with * beginners guide to outlook * and you'll get lots of links and als books you can buy.

You can also use the Help function and check out how to do the common things.

  jackodoodle 16:16 15 Nov 2005

Dear recap
sorry about delay.everything is working until i send a email.there are 2 types of error message i get -"there may be a server or network problem or timeout interval may be too short".another message i get says "task msn sending report error (0X800CCCF4) unknown error 0X800CCCF4.

  DieSse 16:32 15 Nov 2005

This may help to set you up to use MSN accounbts click here

  Kevin_Ind 16:57 22 Nov 2005

When you attempt to send mail to a remote domain (mail server) the message is placed in MailEnable's SMTP outbound message queue. You can determine the status of this queue using the MMC (MailEnable Management->Servers->localhost->Connectors->SMTP->Queues->Outbound). You can also find out reasons why email isn't being sent by viewing the SMTP Debug and Activity logs.

When MailEnable cannot send an email it will keep trying until the message times out. MailEnable will send messages to the 'owner'/sender of the message notifying them that the message has been delayed. These messages are called Delivery Delay Notifications.

After the message timeouts out/expires the message is automatically shifted to the Bad Mail directory, and a message is sent back to the sender informing them that the message could not be delivered. This message is called a Non Delivery Report.

Sometimes the reason for not begin able to deliver and email could be due to a simple problem such as a user incorrectly typing the domain name in an email address. It could also be due to an error in transmission, DNS problems, etc. In most cases the Non Delivery Report (NDR) will not explain exactly why the message could not be delivered.

  Kevin_Ind 17:01 22 Nov 2005

This is for Microsoft Outlook Express.

To resolve this behavior, change the SMTP server for your e-mail account to use the MSN SMTP server. To do this: 1. In Outlook Express, click Accounts on the Tools menu.
2. Click the Mail tab, select the account that you want to change, and then click the Properties button.
3. Click the Servers tab.
4. Under Server Information, delete the entry that is in the Outgoing mail (SMTP) box, and then type smtp.email.msn.com.
5. Under Outgoing Mail Server, click to select the My server requires authentication check box, and then click the Settings button.
6. Under Logon Information, click Log on using.
7. In the Account name box, type you MSN Member ID (everything before the at sign (@) of you MSN e-mail address).
8. In the Password box, type your MSN account password.
9. Click to select the Log on using Secure Password Authentication check box.
10. Click OK to close the Outgoing Mail Server dialog box.
11. Click OK to close the <Mail Account> Properties dialog box.
12. Click Close.

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