micrsoft natural ergonomic keygoard 4000

  Phrixos 18:50 12 Jan 2007

Hi, everyone.

I've recently--attached--but not properly installed my "micrsoft natural ergonomic keygoard 4000" (ver:1.0) to my WINXP2 system. The thing is, only the main keys work, and not the keypad, arrow keys, or special keys.

Being OEM, the keyboard came alone, without mouse or software, so I downloaded the driver (ITP32Eng.exe) from Microsoft--but I can't seem to install it properly. The thing is, the instructions say I must remove any mouse software from the system before installing the keyboard. Well, without a mouse installed, how am I supposed to operate the installation routine?


  SANTOS7 18:54 12 Jan 2007

uninstall any dedicated software relating to your mouse reboot and let windows allocate a generic driver for it, thats all you really need, then reinstall your mouse software (if you have it)

  Diodorus Siculus 18:57 12 Jan 2007

When I connected mine, windowsupdate found the software and installed it.

That's worth trying first.

  Phrixos 19:49 12 Jan 2007

Thanks, guys, and for replying so quickly. Advice taken--and with SOME progress. Thanks.

The thing is, when I click on, (for instance) the Calculator button, a dialogue box appears, with the message:

"The current assignment for this customizable key is not available. To reassign this key, click "next"."

Clicking "next" brings up a box of choices. For the Calucuator button (for instance) these are:

.Starts the calculator (default)
.Choose fom a list of commands
.Start a program, Web page or file
.Disable the use of this key.

Leaving the default, when I click "Finish", the box disappears--but nothing has changed.
Curiously there is a Help button in the dialogue box--but it too, does nothing.

The same is true of the other buttons:

Search, and

The five Favorites buttons do now work--but not the
Volume (-) or
volume (+) buttons.

The four keys: = ( ) and a left arrow key above the numeric keypad also do not work

Any more advice?


  Diodorus Siculus 20:43 12 Jan 2007

Seems you have installed the software, do you have any configuration options with it?

  Phrixos 13:29 13 Jan 2007

Right. I've removed the Intellipro software, the mouse and the MS 4000 keyboard, and restarted the computer.

On restart, the new hardware is searched for. The system asks for a CD I do not have. I give permission for it to search the Net for drivers. It replies that an error has been detected and cannot load the driver for the device.

Still, under "Keyboards" in Device Manager, is:

HID Keyboard device
Standard 101/102-key or Microsoft Natural PS/2 Keyboard

and under "Mice and other pointing devices", is:

"Microsoft USB Wheel Mouse Optical (IntelliPoint)"

--so it seems that, despite having said it can't instal the Intellipoint software, it has done it anyway.

I have an older, MS Natural keyboard (PS/2) still attached--otherwise I would not be able to start my computer. (I have to press "F-lock--F1 to start up. Note, there is no function in my Bios that enables me to disable the F1 requirement.) This is my real prolem. (I forgot to mention before, I cant get the top row of keys, F1 to F-Lock, to work on the 4000--hence the older keyboard has to remain still attached. Bummer!

More Avice?

(Hey, "Diodorus Siculus". You a classics buff, like me?)

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