Microsopft WindowsXP registration Data

  Nog25 17:03 06 Oct 2006

In November Last year I asked if it was possible to save Microsofts Registation data allowing re- installation of Windows XP after formatting my Hard Disk on an otherwise unchanged computer without having to re register it.

Amongst the verious answers was the Information that PC Advisors forum editor hoped to get an answer from Microsoft and Post a Blog.

If this has happened I have missed it indeed I cant find any Blogs later than March 2006. Anybody have aa later update on this subject?

  Diodorus Siculus 17:10 06 Oct 2006

How To Transfer Windows XP Activation Information To Reinstall Without Reactivating The Product
click here

  Fingees 18:55 06 Oct 2006

You need not register it at all.

It only needs activating.

It can be done over the internet, or by phone.

If it was more than 6 months since you last activated it, no record will remain, so it should activate ok over the internet with no problem.

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