Microsofts e-mail address

Can anyone tell me what Micosofts e-mail address is when I want to contact them for support/advice?I don`t seem able to find it anywhere.

  Stuartli 17:53 21 Jul 2008
  Cockney Rebel 17:55 21 Jul 2008

Maybe the following may help click here;en;1348&ws=mscomukform1

  Cockney Rebel 17:57 21 Jul 2008

click here;en;1348&ws=mscomukform1

Summat wrong with the first one try the above.

  Cockney Rebel 17:58 21 Jul 2008

Sorry guys the above two links don,t seem to work.Perhaps FE might delete them.Thanks.

  Stuartli 18:13 21 Jul 2008

Microsoft is a massive organisation and must have thousands of e-mail addresses - using Google to find out exactly which particular program or application has the correct e-mail support and help addresses will prove the most direct way.

  lotvic 22:48 21 Jul 2008

It's the ; in the url - this forum can't handle it.
convert to a tiny url on click here and paste that on here instead

  Stuartli 23:54 21 Jul 2008

Do the Click Here bit first and then copy and paste the second section.

  Stuartli 23:54 21 Jul 2008 the end of it.

Thanks everyone for all your help and suggestions.I feel confident now that I shall be able to find what I want.

I run WinXP Home and have been considering installing Service Pack 3 but having read all the blurb I`m not so sure now.Apparently problems can occur during installation and afterwards,so is it worth it?

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