Microsoft's 'Backup and Restore'

  Housten 17:54 24 Feb 2012

Good Afternoon,

I was talking to a friend the other day about backups, and he said he used Windows all the time and what did I tyhink about it. I said that when I had Vista I had had a lot of problems with it so didn't even try Windows 7 [ I have 64Bit Home Premium ]. So I thought that it was worth a go, but..... I can not get it to open!! I have gone round every icon in 'Control Panel' and 'Backup and Restore' is the only one that won't open, even though I waited for two minutes!! My wife's laptop has exactly the same OS and I was wondering about copying that over, but I realised that if 'Control Panel' doesn't realise then that is no good. I had a problem the other day and thought that I would try a repair, but gave up on that as although I have the original DVDs when I tried a repair it offered me Vista on 'C;\' and Windows 7 on 'D:\'. The only problem is that Windows 7 is on 'C:\'!!! So does anyone know how I could get and copy 'Control Panel' complete or is there another method??

Many thanks in anticipation for any help/advice/information.

  robin_x 19:10 24 Feb 2012

Did you attempt repair with sfc /scannow?

May also repair Backup & Restore Center.

In any event, while I used W7 Backup Imaging (and created a Repair CD), I quickly found it limited, unreliable and ultimately dire.

Macrium Reflect Free or Easeus Todo Backup are miles better and seem less 'buggy'

  Housten 13:16 25 Feb 2012


Many thanks for your reply, but - it seems to me - that I am making either programmes or devices that I have, allergic to me, thereby causing all sorts of problems for myself. A case in point is the problem I am having with backup and restore - as far as I can see this is the only part of 'Control Panel' that I am having a problem with and one that I did want to try!! It's like the area that controls how pen drives and CD/DVDs are treated when you insert them - I can only see them when they have registered in 'Show Hidden Icons'!! Can I get them to appear in a dialogue box as my wife's laptop, even though we have the same OS [ exactly ] and have the same instruction?? No!! My allergy again!!?? I don't know or care, all I know is that I have to work around it and take what my computer will give/allow me to have!!

Anyway with regard to my problem with backup and restore I won't go into great detail, even this may be too much for some, but another post of mine details a problem I had with Macrium Reflect, although I didn't mention either name of the two programmes that I use. Quickly - I hope - I had successfully used it for many backups, but had never done a clone backup in my life. So I decided to try it, and got a disaster of monumental proportions!! As I said I had been using another programme as well, as an alternative backup, and kept both sets of backups together. When I made the clone backup, ALL my previous backups sets [ of both programmes and other data I had as well ] were wiped out, the clone was the only backup there. It had taken twice as long, at least, as a 'normal' backup [ something I found unacceptable ], so I deleted it, but this made the drive useless and unworkable!!! I will never, ever do a clone backup again. May be I was unfortunate, may be it was something else, but as a brain dead pensioner I have enough problems, without trying to engender more!! I will try out your suggestion and will let you knoe how things pan out!! I will try to do this, this afternoon, but more likely tomorrow. Many thanks for reading this rant of mine and your reply!

  Housten 15:19 25 Feb 2012


Well that was interesting - NOT!!

Assuming that I was correct and clicked 'Start', typed [ once ] and copied [ twice ] 'sfc /scannow' into 'Search Programmes and Files' all that happend was that a black box ( ? ) opened up for about half a second and then disappeared, and nothing after that!! So now whilst I wasn't particularly worried before I am now, because [ I am assuming ] there is/must be something seriously wrong with my O/S - Windows 7 64Bit Home Premium. Do you have any idea of what I should do next? Or is this a case of doing a complete re-installation? As everything else is - or should that be appears - working normally it will be a tremendous operation having to re-install all the programmes!! Will backing up their data and then copying it back be OK, or can the data be left on the drive? Or does the drive have to be formatted before I re-install Windows?

Any advice/help/information will be very gratefully received. And what about all those updates? they will take I don't know how long to get back!!!

  Housten 17:01 25 Feb 2012

Good afternoon,

Well, robinofloxley, they do say a little knowledge is a dangerous thing!!! Well I have just proved it. I had a 'command prompt' on my quick launch bar, so whenever it was called for I just clickrd on it. But I saw a comment that to launch it one should click on 'Start', 'Accessories' and then 'Run as Administrator'. So I deleted it from the quick launch bar and did start it as suggested, and off it went, and completed 100% and reported 'Windows Resource Protection did not find any integrity violations.'!!!

So, that's good news and bad news! Good news in that I got it to run, bad news that it says 'no violations' and backup and restore still does nothing when I click - single or double - on it. So I am still more than a little baffled by what's going on - or rather not - on my machine. Annoying doesn't really get close, because if I want to do a restore - as I did a couple of weeks ago - it proably isn't working either, which would explain quite a lot!! So now I am beginning to feel that getting this corrected is more imperative than ever. After all if restore isn't working then all the time and effort going in to do these is a complete and utter waste. If anyone can suggest a way of correcting this I would be very grateful.

  robin_x 19:32 25 Feb 2012

sfc /scannow checked and repaired your system files.

Windows thinks it is in Working order.

One of the reasons I dumped Windows Backup and Image Backup is that I had to do a repair install to fix it (along with some other problems my system had)

I have just had a Google for 'Backup and Restore not working' and see there are many problems and possible causes.

You could check Start Search services.msc and see that the Windows Backup and Volume Shadow Copy Services are running. Even if they are, restart them.

But when you Start Search Backup and Restore, the center should open, not freeze.

If you can't make any headway and no-one jumps in with a brainwave, I would suggest you try Macrium again and make a fresh Image Backup.


Make sure you have latest Macrium 5.0 (Help/About for version or it comes up on the splash screen)

In Backup Tasks, click Create an Image of the Partition(s) required to backup and restore Windows.

A new Window will open showing your partitions. Tick the checkboxes for those you want to image.

eg System (if shown), C:\, D:\ etc.

Browse for a destination folder on your external hard drive.

eg just F:\ or F:\Macrium Backups etc. Or create your own folder name.

I tend not to use the ImageID as a filename and make my own. eg Macrium5.0-C-D-partitions-only or whatever I decided to backup.

Click Next. Change Advanced options if you want, but default is fine, click Finish.


I don't know how you messed up before with Macrium, but it is worth trying again.

Also in Macrium don't forget to make a Recovery boot CD.

It's in Menu/Other Tasks/Create Rescue Media.

I recommend you make the full Custome PE option (with big download). It's all handled automatically.

Reason being the Linux CD does not work properly for me, but the PE disk does!

Since I only found out when I tried a recent restore (it would not list any Destination for Restore), I was a little worried at first.

  Housten 15:04 28 Feb 2012


Apologies for not getting back earlier but I am having some problems at the moment and they are taking a long time to get anything done.

I do not wish to annoy you - or anyone else for that matter - but I will NOT be risking Reflect to do an image backup, not after the problems I have experienced and the length of time it is taking for me to try and correct it - not certain after more than two weeks!! I have had a trawl through google and it looks like I Easeus ToDo seems to be worth a go, so I might well do so.

Going through 'Control Panel' it seems that I can get 'Recovery' to work, so now I am not sure whether I used that or 'Backup and Restore' to try and 'get back' a couple of weeks ago. Once I have got things sorted - probably another month or so the way it is presently looking - I may well give that a go, but then again it will depend on how hissed off I am with my computer!!! Heigh Ho!! isn't life a Bitch!!???

  robin_x 16:32 28 Feb 2012

Not annoyed at all. Easeus is a good alternative.

Post back, however many weeks it may be.

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