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  anniesboy68 21:16 11 Jul 2003

For some unknown reason I cannot get a print out of grid lines, even though the box is ticked. they will not show up in the print preview. This is on my Xp system AND my 98SE computer. Very strange. I've been an hour mucking about with it/them and I am fed up. Funny it should happen on both. Any ideas please other than a re install. I should mention I saved the file from the 98 computer and loaded into XP to see if it would go on XP. perhaps it's corrupted the XP version???

  jazzypop 21:22 11 Jul 2003

click here or click here - any help?

  anniesboy68 21:31 11 Jul 2003

Thanks jazzypop but no help. I have version 7. However other files I have saved with grid lines show up as normal. Most perculier

  Megatyte 21:36 11 Jul 2003

Are you printing in draft? This happens with Excel in draft mode.


  anniesboy68 21:45 11 Jul 2003

No, Megabtyte, normal mode!!By the way {this adds more confusion to the topic] The reason I went on to Works was because Excell on the 98se wouldn't print grid

  Megatyte 22:05 11 Jul 2003

With Excel, to get grid lines in draft, set to print normal and then set the printer to draft.

I know this don't help you at the moment, but for future ref.


  daba 01:35 12 Jul 2003

... to print the gridlines, the cells have to have 'borders'.

are u sure the cells you want to have borders printed actually have borders formatted?

the gridlines you see on excell and works are purely for display purposes.

another thought, border line thicknesses below 1 pt have been known to not print with some printer drivers, i use 1.5 pt

another thought, check the gridline colour setting, it could be a shade of grey that your print driver converts to white??

guess i'm clutching at some straws on this as its been a while since i used works


  Djohn 01:43 12 Jul 2003

Is correct, Gridlines are for tables and graphics to snap to! Gives an ordered display. What you require is "Borders" Click on the border Icon, and sellect the square one, IE: a line all round, this will give each cell a border so it prints as you see it on screen. j.

  Megatyte 02:04 12 Jul 2003

Gridlines print. That's why there's a 'Print Gridlines' option in Page Setup.


  anniesboy68 12:17 12 Jul 2003

Megatyte...I know that thanks, done it...but never had this problem investigating as Daba and Djohn suggest

  anniesboy68 12:46 12 Jul 2003

Well, got there by mucking about a lot. Still not right as the printer prints out three pages of lines before I get to the one I want. Never mind will close this post. Have a nice day all and hope our boys win at cricket/lol..anniesboy68

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