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  Southernboy 15:01 25 Jul 2003

When I bought my new PC, I got the above included.

One of the programs included is Microsoft Money and, as usual, there are no manuals. Now, on the account register there are a number of columns for which there is no explanation. I have worked out the purpose of the first column (from left to right), but the second column (headed by an exclamation mark-!) has me baffled. I have searched the help files and can find no reference to it.

I bought the Dummies book for Money and, although this column appears in some of the illustration, there is no reference to it in the text, so I am none the wiser.

Does anyone know the purpose of this column?

  Blondie. 21:29 26 Jul 2003

Can you clarify what screen you're looking at in Money?

  BRYNIT 23:59 26 Jul 2003

If you are viewing the home page. I think if you have a exclamation mark against an account. Money is just telling you that this account has not been set up yet.

  Wes Tam ;-) 09:38 27 Jul 2003

Account register definition:
The page in Money that displays all the transactions for one account, such as a current account, credit card account, or investment account.

For example the headings for a cheque account are:

As Blondie. asked - can you clarify what screen you're looking at.

  Southernboy 17:16 29 Jul 2003

If I click on any account, I get the Account Register. On the Current (Cheque) Account or the Visa Card Account, I get these two additional columns at the start (left hand side) of each line. As far as I can see, they appear in every register, regardless of the type of account it is.

The first column has what appears to be an "inside out" umbrella at the top, and I have established the purpose of this. It is to monitor that goods paid for have actually been received.

However, the second column has an exclamation mark at the top and it is this column that I do not understand.

After these two columns, it then has Number/Date/Payee etc. WesTam, you must be looking at an earlier version which does not include these two additional columns at the start of each entry line. My Dad has Money 2000 which does not include them. They are, obviously, "improvements" with later versions, but MS do not seem have unpdated the Help files to explain their purpose.

One other niggle. The intorduction of these two additional columns (crammed into the same space)has reduced the size of others, which means the Number column can only display 4 digits instead of the standard 6 used by UK banks. Very irritating as the text is now so small it is very difficult to read, even at the lowest resolution.

  Southernboy 17:51 01 Aug 2003


  BRYNIT 11:05 02 Aug 2003

After checking my accounts I have found if you set up a withdrawal in say your current account to pay a loan or a bill you can make this a recurring payment. If you do not select recurring and Money detects this as a possible recurring payment you will get an envelope in this column. I think it is just a reminder.

  BRYNIT 11:22 02 Aug 2003

Ref the number colum if you have your monitor set @ 1024 x 768 and you close the help colum on the right hand side will get 7 numbers showing.

  Southernboy 22:58 02 Aug 2003

So that is the purpose of the mysterious column. I will try it out. What an unnecessary upgrade! On my Dad's version, he simply gets a pop-up asking him if he wants to make it a recurring transaction. Such much better as the 2003 display is SO cluttered up. And, of course, he can set Money Express not to ask this question, since he knows whether he wants to do this without the damn program pestering him. Most of these "improvements" are a pain in the backside. Is there any way to remove this column?

Unfortunately, if I increase the resolution to 1024x768, the text becomes too small to read on my 15" monitor. No such problem with my Dad used it (I inherited this monitor from him) with Money 2000.

  Southernboy 22:27 07 Aug 2003

However, as I suspected, the fonts are a faint grey and so tiny I simply cannot read them.

My Dad recently bought a 17" Mitsubishi monitor which he runs at 800x600 because his eyesight is not good and he likes the larger size. He tried increasing to 1024x768 and found the text difficult to read. I thought there was a way of increasing font size for people with poor eyesight, but it does not seem possible with Money. I would rather have large type and have to scroll across than the current problem.

Is there a solution?

  Southernboy 16:39 23 Aug 2003

there is no solution. Thanks anyway.

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