microsoft word?help windows vista

  moby58 11:53 11 Apr 2007

I've purchased a new laptop,with "vista",but no "microsoft word" came with new pc.I need to write a letter,[which isnt very often]...can i download a version of word for free?Or do you always have to purchase "Word"?I wont be using it very ofen,any suggestions?My old pc had "word 2002",but no disc...came with pc...I've noticed Office 2003/xp on microsoft website as downloads..What should i go for?Need just the basic,and compatible with vista...and free!

  silverous 12:13 11 Apr 2007

You should have "Wordpad" for free. Word itself is a product you buy.

Microsoft Office (of which Word is part) has traditionally been quite expensive for home users however Microsoft have started targeting them with "Home" editions which are more reasonably priced e.g.:

click here

and you get the incredibly useful Excel and Powerpoint also.

Alternatively, take a look at openoffice which is a free alternative. It isn't Word but it can open Word files.


click here

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