Microsoft Word Text Orientation

  KJ823 21:11 13 Dec 2006

I am using Microsoft Word [Office XP] and have text created on a page formatted as landscape.

I now want to change this to portrait and have clicked on Format and then Text Direction but I only have the option to rotate 90 degrees in one direction. I have ended up with what was the top of the page on landscape at the right hand side of my portrait page but I need the top to be at the left. On the Text Orientation window it looks to give three buttons for vertical text but I can only click on one of them, hence why I can only get it facing one way.

Hope this makes sense and that someone can help!


  VoG II 21:35 13 Dec 2006

File > Page Setup

  Eric10 23:10 13 Dec 2006

I don't have Office XP so can't test it but if you click the rotation button 3 times won't that bring the text round 90 degrees each time so that it ends up at the left?

  KJ823 23:15 13 Dec 2006

Hi Vog and Eric10

VoG:I can't find anything on Page Setup that helps.

Eric10:No, it doesn't seem to work like that. It doesn't matter how many times you click on the button, as soon as you click OK it just rotates the text by 90 degrees.


  exdragon 23:41 13 Dec 2006

I've just tried pasting your paragraph onto a landscape page, then selecting Page set up followed by Portrait and the text appears as normal at the top of the page.

Or am I misunderstanding what you want to do? (bit late for me!)

  KJ823 23:46 13 Dec 2006

Hi exmpdragon
Don't think I have explained very well!
What I have actually done is to draw out a family tree on a landscape page. The text is separated by tabs and I have used drawing lines to connect the people. I now want to have the 'tree' on a portrait page so the text is at an angle of 90 degrees to what it was on landscape. I have grouped the lines and rotated 90 degrees no problem. I then selected all the text and used Format > Text Direction and the text is also rotated by 90 degrees BUT it is 90 degrees in the wrong direction!
I am not sure I have explained it any better. It's also late for me so I am off to bed now!
Thanks but would still appreciate any suggestions!

  exdragon 23:55 13 Dec 2006

Ahh! I'll have a ponder overnight!

  keith-236785 00:34 14 Dec 2006

if you have the option to rotate other than 90°, try doing 270° which should turn it the way you want. as long as you dont end up with the text upside down :-(

  terryf 01:08 14 Dec 2006

Could it be that the landscape text is too wide to fit on a portrait page? how wide was it when you printed it out in landscape? more than about 7 inches?

  KJ823 08:13 14 Dec 2006

Hi Terryf

Yes, it is too wide but I want the text to be sideways. As you look at the page in portrait, I want the text to be running bottom to top of the page so you have to turn the page 90 degrees to read the text [if that makes sense!]

  Woolwell 09:51 14 Dec 2006

The only way to do this in Word that I can come up with is to put your text in text boxes and then you can use text direction to change the angle.

I have constructed family trees before and have found that it is very fiddly unless you use specialised software.

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