Microsoft Word - stretching lines

  **nada** 00:31 30 Mar 2003

I was wondering where the setting is in Microsoft Word to make my lines all finish at the same place on the right side if the page. At the moment, when I look down the right edge of a page of text, the lines go in and out. The setting I am looking for would make the edge of the text be in a straight line (by stretching the sentences to fit the lines).

Thank you in advance

  mol01 00:37 30 Mar 2003

You want "justifyed". Its on the default toolbar next to the left, centre and right align buttons. Or right click/paragraph and drop down the alignment box

  -pops- 06:46 30 Mar 2003

Try this:

Ctrl + j = Justified (as you asked for)

Ctrl + l = Left aligned

Ctrl + r = Right aligned

Ctrl + e = centred


Crtl + b = bold

Ctrl + i = italic

Ctrl + u = underlined


Ctrl + a = select all

Crtl + c = copy to clipboard

Ctrl + v = paste from clipboard

Try other Ctrl + letter combinations yourself to find less usual ones.


  Andsome 09:12 30 Mar 2003

Justified should be in the tool bar at the top of the page. It is a block of horizontal lines in the form of a small square. There is 'left align' 'centre', 'right align' and 'justify' a little to the right of B I and U. If they are not all there, you can juggle about with TOOLS and put them there. It has been some time since I set mine up, so I don't want to mess things up by trying to remember how I did this, maybe someone else has a better memory than I have.

  Andsome 09:14 30 Mar 2003

PS to the above. You have to highlight all that you want to justify first.

  -pops- 09:27 30 Mar 2003

If you use the Ctrl + a letter as I suggested, all subsequent text will be written as you asked until you alter it. There is no need to type first and adjust later, unless you want to, of course.


  **nada** 11:32 30 Mar 2003

thanks all, I didn't realise the answer was so easy! The button was looking me in the face.

Thanks again

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