Microsoft Word Form Fields - Formatting

  Ben Avery (Work) 10:58 17 Jan 2003
  Ben Avery (Work) 10:58 17 Jan 2003


I have a query with the Microsoft Word Form Fields Formatting which is really bugging me so hopefully someone will be able to help!

I have a pre-typed letter which is in a specific format which cannot change. To get into the 21st century I have changed from the "old school" method of having sections that need filling in underlined like thus:

name _____________> etc.

to using the form field option whereby the person filling in the form can simply call up the letter on the PC and tab through the various section that need filling in. I see that there is an option to limit the number of characters thast can be entered (Which controls the length in the sense of not writing too much) but find that if a small word is typed in, the text to the right of the form field is then pulled back also (making the format of the letter different).

Is there some way to insert a form field (or something similar) which will ensure that regardless of what is typed into the box, it will remain the same size?



  mark3110 11:10 17 Jan 2003

You could try inserting a text box from the Drawing tools, just a thought.



  recap 11:29 17 Jan 2003

Don't know whether this is what you are after Ben Avery (Work), double click the form field and set the length to Unlimited or what ever length you require.

  jazzypop 11:53 17 Jan 2003

There is no simple way. The text field is designed to 'close up' the gaps, so that the letter looks more natural, and less like the mass-mailing 'Readers Digest-type' letters of old.

There is an option to run a macro on exit - you could try the VBA route of filling the remainder of the text box with spaces. However, as you are (presumably) using proportional fonts, you still cannot set an absolute width for the contents of the text field.

Supposing your total character length was 24 characters. If someone typed 4 narrow characters, such as 'till', the remaining 20 characters would be spaces. If you then typed 'whew' and auto-filled 20 spaces, the two boxes would have different absolute widths, due to the different widths of the first four characters.

Either way, you will end up with what are, to my mind, ugly gaps after the text field.

I suspect that you will have to become a little more creative with the overall layout of the letter, so that whether 4 or 24 characters are entered, the overall 'feel' of the letter is not changed too much.

  VoG™ 17:17 17 Jan 2003

If you enter the field codes in a Table (without borders) it should format correctly, if I understand properly what you are trying to achieve.

  Ben Avery (Work) 09:19 11 Feb 2003

It doesn't appear that this can be done then.

Ideally what I wanted was a form field (so the rest of the document was protected) which I could set to be underlined and centred (thereofre not looking ugly with the word at the start and a gap at the end of the word).

It appears that this is not possible.

Thanks anyway. I'll leave it open in case anyone thinks of anything and resolve if no joy.


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