microsoft word

  Irene40 17:54 14 Sep 2006

wanting to sleep badly after hard days work but daughter is not gonna let me till i get this sorted.Okk how to get microsoft word again, somehow i lost it,she needs i want sleep

  Eric10 18:04 14 Sep 2006

If you mean that it isn't on the Start menu then it has probably been dragged onto the desktop of one of the users. A quick way to get it running is to go to Start, Run and type winword.exe. So long as the program is installed on the computer then it will run.

  Irene40 18:13 14 Sep 2006

No its not installed on the computor, it was but i used someone elses xp disk to reboot the computor,cause mines kept coming up about a corrupt file r something and wouldnt let me go any further,after using this other person xp disk i lost microsoft word andd also powerpoint

  Irene40 18:20 14 Sep 2006

ive found a disk expressIT Lite and can see it says on it microsoft word, also says expressIT lite software for use with windows 95,98,2000&NT, this probably came wif the 98 computor i had,can i use this disc on windows xp

  Eric10 18:35 14 Sep 2006

ExPressIT Lite is a CD labelling program and has nothing to do with Microsoft Office. You will need to reinstall Micosoft Office from your original CDs but it doesn't sound as if you have any. I would guess that you have done a repair installation of Windows which will have written a new Registry and may have wiped out your Office installation. If Office was pre-installed then you should use the Recovery discs that are normally supplied with a new computer which will put it back to how it was when originally supplied including any software. This will wipe out any data that you may have saved on the hard drive so if anything has survived, you will need to back it up before doing this. If you don't have Recovery discs then you need to contact the supplier of the PC.

  VoG II 18:37 14 Sep 2006

You could use Open Office (free) as an alternative click here

  Irene40 18:39 14 Sep 2006

ok cheers thanks for the advice,ill contact the supplier cheers

  Irene40 18:41 14 Sep 2006

vog i got that from you before lol, i did download it but daughter says she rather have microsoft office, like is there a big difference between the two off them, here and another thing she asking for a laptop for xmas..i dont thinkk so lol

  Irene40 18:42 14 Sep 2006

opps sorry microsoft word..

  Harpur 18:52 14 Sep 2006

you cabn get a student version of office which has word in the package

  Harpur 18:56 14 Sep 2006

try this click here

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