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  fazer 12:55 27 Oct 2005

Have previously posted a message similar to this but am still having difficulties so please bear with me .....

A couple of months ago, I set up an account for the kids and have experienced no end of problems since. The very last issue to be resolved is that everytime the kids try and get into Word, a message appears stating that it has to install Word then goes through the process of doing so - only to fail because it says it can not find the source file. However, if a press cancel halfway through the installation, Word opens and is fully functional. No big deal you may think but when you try and open a document directly from explorer, nothing happens at all. I have no such problems on my login.

Someone suggested I re-install Microsoft Office using the back-up CD I had with the computer. However, reading the small-print on the CD itself, it does state that it will re-instate the hard drive back to its original condition when I bought the computer. I really don't want to do this because as you can probably imagine, it would be a lot of hassle having to copy all the extra software I've built up over the years - or am I wrong? Do back-up CD's wipe the hard drive clean?

Anyone have any suggestions please?

(Windows XP)

  ventanas 13:53 27 Oct 2005

Yep, it will put it back to as it was on the day you bought it. If you are going to do this you will need to back up anything you need to keep onto another drive or cd, and make sure you have all the installation discs, and any installation codes for your programs, because you will have to reinstall them all. You will also be back to square one for all the Windows updates.

  LimestoneRock 14:20 27 Oct 2005

Go to Add/Remove programs, click on Microsoft Office - Change -then Repair to see if this works.

  Djohn 14:21 27 Oct 2005

Microsoft Office will not be on your restore disk, its a separate application altogether.

Do you have the full Office, or just "Word" on your machine, or even one of the versions of "Works" which will include "Word"?

If you have Word on a separate disk or as part of "Works", you can insert that disk and do a repair of word without it affecting your operating system in any way. You will not lose any of your files by doing this, but as always, make a copy of anything that is important.

  fazer 08:08 28 Oct 2005

Thank you all.

Unfortunately, I do not have a seperate disk for Word - only the full back-up cd.

I do have "Microsoft Office" sitting under C-program files but to be honest, I'm not sure what I'm supposed to be looking for.

As for trying to repair it, the trouble is on my login there is no problem with Word and when I log-in using the kids, I lose access to Add/remove programs - repair!

Am I stuck with this problem guys?

  Djohn 01:57 01 Nov 2005

I forgot about this topic. Open word then click on the help button on the toolbar, you will see the detect and repair from there.

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