microsoft wireless multimedia keyboard 1.1

  abbott8 11:50 17 Aug 2006

bought the above keyboard just recently and it works fine, mostly, the only problem I have is when playing games and hold down the 'W' key to move forward, it only works for about 2 seconds and then I have to release the key and press it again. Very frustrating when playing Farcry and Doom. This problem also happens with the other directional movement keys. The keyboard works fine for the likes of wordprocessing etc. I have downloaded the latest drivers from microsoft and the problem is still there.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


  ArrGee 12:23 17 Aug 2006

Have you tried troubleshooting in Conrol Panel - Keyboard - Hardware?

  abbott8 13:11 17 Aug 2006

Tried this to no avail, thanks anyway

  ade.h 16:08 17 Aug 2006

Was it fine with your previous keyboard? If so, is it still fine with your previous keyboard or another keyboard? By trying other borrowed keyboards, can you trace it to a particular interface (wireless, USB, PS2) or a specific keyboard?

I see you have already tested it in other applications, which was going to be my next suggestion.

  abbott8 20:31 23 Aug 2006

it was and is fine with other keyboards, it just seems to be this wonderful microsoft keyboard that causes the prolem when holding any key down for more than a few seconds whilst playing a game

  ade.h 20:41 23 Aug 2006

There isn't some kind of sticky key feature is there? In the Intellitype settings? (Long-ish shot!)

  abbott8 20:55 23 Aug 2006

I've been all through the intelletype help and program and unfortunately there is no sign of an answer for my problem, maybe I should send microsoft support an e-mail to see what they have to say

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