Microsoft Wireless Mouse 5000

  W C Boggs 00:04 04 Jan 2012

I have just bought a Microsoft Wireless Comfort Keyboard 5000, which came bundled (in one box) with a Microsoft Wireless Mouse 5000. The box says they are both compatible with XP.

The keyboard started working the moment I plugged the supplied USB tranceiver into the computer, but I can't get any response from the mouse.

The optical LED beneath the mouse lights up, but the pointer won't move on screen and the mouse buttons don't generate a response either.

I have downloaded the latest mouse driver from the Microsoft website (and restarted the computer), put new batteries in, made sure any other mouse is unplugged, and tried the tranceiver in different ports, but to no avail.

With previous wireless devices there is a "connect" button on the receiver, but there isn't one on the USB device.

My assumption is that the mouse itself is faulty, but before I trail back to the shop for a replacement, are there any checks I can carry out to try to establish where the fault lies? Presumably as only one tranceiver is supplied, it should recognise both the keyboard and the mouse??

I've tried the solutions on the Microsoft help pages, but without success.

Many thanks.

  mole44 05:23 04 Jan 2012

Have you tried looking under the mouse as there could be a button you need to depress this to get the mouse talking to the USB dongle. Also double check that the batteries are inserted with the correct polarity.

  spuds 06:56 04 Jan 2012

With devices like this, finding a problem can be difficult, unless you are present when testing the device.

Didn't the devices come with an instruction leaflet or contact for support?.

  northumbria61 22:55 04 Jan 2012

You may just need the driver enter link description here

  northumbria61 23:12 04 Jan 2012

Ignore my last post - I didn't see that you had already downloaded the latest driver.

Try going into Device Manager and uninstalling the mouse driver. Restart your computer and your mouse should install/ask for driver.

  W C Boggs 00:19 05 Jan 2012

Batteries are in ok. Mouse came with two manuals - one simply tells you to put batteries in the mouse, plug in the USB tranceiver and off you go! The other manual is an 85 page health and safety guide to using wireless devices and lasers......

I must say I haven't found the Microsoft website any use at all - their help seems to bear no resemblance to the product in front of me!

The keyboard still works ok, so the tranceiver should be ok too.

The mouse has a small "alcove" underneath, like it's designed to hold something (I think you store the tranceiver there when in transport). There is a tiny swith too - tried pressing it in case it was a "connect" button, but to no avail (there is no connect button on the tranceiver).

Just tried uninstalling the new driver and re-starting computer, but no luck.

I have still got the driver installed for my previous wireless mouse (Logitech). Don't know if that's an issue? I have unplugged the receiver, so the mouse shouldn't be "interfering". I was worried about uninstalling the driver in case I'm left with no mouse at all!!

Looks like a trip back to Curry's for a replacement may be needed :-(

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