Microsoft Wireless Intellimouse

  Tazfan 14:07 01 Jan 2003
  Tazfan 14:07 01 Jan 2003

Had one of the above a coupleof weeks ago, and it is a good all round mouse. However, one thing that is annoying me, is the fact that when reading in here for example, and the mouse is not used for a few seconds, it goes into sme sort of sllep mode to save the battery. When this occurs, I find I am unable to use the buttons or the scroll wheel unless I move the mouse. There is a delay when first moving the mouse, and I was wondering if this was "normal" behaviour for it, or if there was something wrong with it. According to the blurb, there are meant to be some sensors in the mouse that detects when your hand is on it, and should take it out of its doze state. This does not appear to be working.

I have put in fresh batteries.

  Lozzy 14:10 01 Jan 2003

Have you gone into the mouse properties and altered the sleep mode. If you have take it back and get a replacement..

  rsturbo 14:35 01 Jan 2003

the intellipoint software is installed then go into properties in control panel and set up the mouse, not seen the anti sleep setting but it may be there

  Tazfan 21:52 01 Jan 2003

No sign of a sleep setting anywhere, but I went through the troubleshooting guide, and thre was mention of changing the frequency if there were problems. I swapped it, and it appears slightly improved. It is still not as responsive as I would like a £59.99 mouse to be, and that is why I was wondering if anyone else had one, and had the same delay. Im sure its not normal, so I think I will take it back and try a different one to see if that is the same. If it is the same, I will change my mouse for a different one. The delay isa pain in the neck.

  anchor 09:08 02 Jan 2003

I have the same mouse, and I too cannot find any reference to "sleep mode".

As you say that you have put new batteries in, (the most common cause of problems), also changed the frequency, the only other thing I can suggest is to place the receiver closer to the mouse. If this does not help, then take it back for exchange. I had to return mine after about 3 months, with a different problem. All OK now.

  Tazfan 09:41 02 Jan 2003

So you dont suffer with the delay then anchor? The reciever is only about 18 inches away from the mouse, so that cant be an issue. I dont want to return it as "faulty" if the delay is inherent, but if it is normal, I dont like it, and will change the mouse for a different one (and get some money back!)

Thank you for taking thetime to let me know.

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