Microsoft Windows Support -Article Finding.

  spuds 19:40 05 May 2003

I have been having constant problems of late with my computer, which runs on WME.

Looking at the Microsoft Support for the further advice is proving difficult.Can someone direct me to a suitable section for an answer to the following messages.

Windows-An exception OE has occured at 0028:C0030D12 in VxD---.This was called from 0028:C002F285 in VxD---. It may be possible to continue normally. *Press any key to attempt to continue *Press CTRL+ALT+DEL to restart your computer. You will lose any unsaved information in all applications. * Press any key to continue

Pressing any key or using CTRL+ALT+DEL doesn't make any difference as the machine as locked-up.I can only restart the computer by doing a total power shut-down. Thanks for any advice.

  hugh-265156 20:00 05 May 2003

have you installed any new drivers or software lately?also have a look in mycomputer/controlpanel/administrativetools/eventviewer for errors and then double click them for info at knowledge base click here or type words in search box.

  cdb 21:48 05 May 2003

The error message may contain a reference or clue to what program is causing the the problem. Could you put the full error report here, or was the the full report? I had that happen to me with an alcatel driver for my usb modem, the error message pointed me in the right direction.

  jazzypop 23:50 05 May 2003

click here might help. It would be useful to know the name of the vxd (if one is given) - if it is displayed as ___, accept my apologies

  jazzypop 23:58 05 May 2003

click here may also help

  hugh-265156 00:03 06 May 2003

start up the computer in safe mode tap F8 when displayed on screen at the programs that caused you problems if ok here its software/driver related.note some programs may not work in safe mode due to limited graphics etc.try removing the last thing installed and work back untill all is ok.or just use system restore to a time you knew it was working well.

  hugh-265156 00:05 06 May 2003

when in safe mode do a disk cleanup/defrag and run a disk check too.

  spuds 01:23 07 May 2003

Thanks folks for above suggestions and advice.

jazzypops-The error message is identical to 'Windows' above.Looked into Microsoft for further guidance. Site request that I submit as 'new' question to support.

huggyg71-Tried to get into events viewer, in my WME. Cannot find it?? Also tried to activate Dr Watson, without success??.The system restore as 'dumped' my previous restore point, due to low drive space.Or at least that what Miscosoft support stated.

I have recently installed a new scanner into my system, and this is when most of the problems started.Been in touch with the scanner people, and they have emailed a list of 'try-outs', which I will attempt later today.

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