Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library Runtime Error

  antony.dandrea 11:24 08 Apr 2009

Hey World!

I have a Windows Vista Home Premium. With all the updates etc.

When i switch on my computer, it loads up, then on the loading screen with the little wheel that goes round and round, it kinda stays there fro unusually long. Then an Error Message comes up that reads:

"Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library Runtime Error!This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way.
Please contact the application's support team for more information."

Then the whole thing freezes and does nothing and i end up having to pull the plug.

Now, iv tried a couple of things:
Iv loaded it up on Safe Mode and everything is fine. However, SOMETIMES, when i restart it works in normal mode, but not all the time, and it is usually a one off, then it goes back to being broke.

I have used CCleaner to find and fix all registry problems, but that doesnt cure it.

I have gone back to a restore point, and it works until i restart it.

The internet doesnt really offer any help: it just uses it as an opputunity to advertise products which are as good as CCleaner.

What i would like to know, is wat program is causing this problem, and how i should fix it.Cos i hardly think turning off all the startup objects while in Safe Mode is a good solution, while it stops the problem from happening, it also stops things from loading that i want to load.

Any Help most grateful.


The Doctor

  birdface 12:16 08 Apr 2009

Down near the bottom of this it says to run in Admin here maybe worth a try if you are not already doing it.

  antony.dandrea 12:59 08 Apr 2009

But i dont know wat program is causing the problem to be able to start it as adminstrator.

And it was working fine up to now. The problem seems to have come out of nowhere.

  antony.dandrea 14:25 08 Apr 2009

So there is no help?

  birdface 14:57 08 Apr 2009

Maybe run your security programs in safe mode and see if they find anything.Or maybe go into device manager and see if there are any yellow exclamation marks on any of the drivers.
Maybe get a few more suggestions when some of the others finish work or whatever they are doing.

  PalaeoBill 23:40 08 Apr 2009

Perhaps someone with a bit more Vista experience than me can talk you through using the event viewer. The system log may well have a record of which program is causing the problem.
If this was XP rather than Vista, I would be suspicious of Microsoft Office startup procedures, perhaps file indexing etc.

  antony.dandrea 07:17 11 Feb 2010

GRRRR. The problem has come back again after a few months!!!!!

  antony.dandrea 07:19 11 Feb 2010

It has nothing to do with running anything as Admin! All my programs are fully compatible, and this has just come on over night with no influence from me!

  antony.dandrea 07:23 11 Feb 2010

It doesnt even tell me which program is causing the problem!

  birdface 08:32 11 Feb 2010

There has just been a number of updates from Microsoft on Tuesday night which have been causing a lot of problems.
Can you do a system restore back to Monday and see if it runs any better.If not just restore it back till today.
Try last good configuration in safe mode see if that helps.
You use less drivers in safe mode so maybe a driver problem.Check device manager for yellow exclamation marks.
Give your Security programs a run in safe mode just to make sure that it has not picked up any nasties.

  birdface 08:39 11 Feb 2010

From Microsoft.

click here

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