Microsoft Updates when rebuilding a ME system

  Davith 21:42 19 Apr 2007

My version of ME was fully updated with Microsoft Updates until the support for ME finished. Should I, for whatever reason, have to rebuild my disk , how can I get the rebuilt version up to the same updated state as the origional? I presume that if I rebuild and go to Microsoft update site it will just indicate that there are no updates available!

Is there any method of getting the installed updates from my current windows ME setup onto a CD so they can be loaded on to a new rebuilt version of ME?

Has anybody come across this situation?

  Grantrh 12:52 20 Apr 2007

As far as I am aware microsoft doesn't support ME anymore - the only thing I could suggest is to use software like acronis true image to take a 'snapshot' of your hard drive which you could then restore at a later date if you needed to.

  CLONNEN 13:16 20 Apr 2007

I have got most of the Windows ME updates on a cdr - I saved them via the Windows Catalog instead of using the Windows Update installation procedure.

I also have the Microsoft Security CDROM which contained Service Pack 1 for XP and every previous security patch for earlier Windows systems including Win ME, 2000 etc. It also has IE and Media Player updates on it.

If you can't find the updates any other way email me using the envelope and maybe I can make copies of the two cdroms for you.

  citadel 21:15 20 Apr 2007

I got a new hard disc and a oem xp.

  phono 21:25 20 Apr 2007

At this moment in time all the ME updates are still available, I could be wrong but when they say support is discontinued I think it means there will be no new updates or patches.

I would imagine the update site will probably stay online for some time yet so you could do as CLONNEN suggested and save the updates via the Windows Catalogue on to a CDR.

  Davith 12:56 25 Apr 2007

Thanks to all who responded to my query. I can now confirm ,having rebuilt my ME disk, as phono said all the updates are still on the Microsoft Update site. So my rebuilt disk is up to date. After the rebuild and updating, when adding various programs, I found it worth while doing further checks for updates as some of the programs that I added had security holes in them which Microsoft have issued patches for. Incidently how do you use the catalogue feature as mentioned by CLONNEN?

  Jack Hackett 14:48 25 Apr 2007

Glad you got the updates for ME.

What you could do now is go to the Windows Catalogue site and download all the updates and patches for Windows ME and burn them to CD for use at another time, saves you having to download them again next time.
Dont forget the IE6 updates/install

  bof:) 14:57 25 Apr 2007

where's the windows catalogue page please? I've had a quick squint on and am unable to find it.


  Jack Hackett 15:07 25 Apr 2007
  Jack Hackett 15:11 25 Apr 2007

YOu can get updates for any MS OS from the above link, just click on
[b]Find updates for Microsoft Windows operating systems[/b] and select the OS from the list. click Search. and go from there

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