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  canute44 21:50 15 Feb 2004

Am I the only one using a computer who finds the Microsoft Update Site so daunting that he/she gives up in despair and moves to something more entertaining e.g. PCA Helproom? I just do not understand even half of the jargon used. At least I have up-to-date antivirus, anti spyware, firewall etc etc as a direct result of reading on this forum.

  johnnyrocker 21:56 15 Feb 2004

what are you having difficulty with?


  canute44 22:05 15 Feb 2004

Currently there are 17 downloads advised for my set up of Windows Me and Internet Explorer 5.5. I have tried downloading Internet Explorer 6 SP1 but it refuses to "take" as described in this forum. I believe under Windows Me there are 40 possible downloads including outlandish languages of all descriptions. I recently reinstalled Me in the search for a way of updating to IE6 and am therefore years behind. I visit the update site most evenings trying to decide on which updates to download but usually give up. Perhaps one day I will pick up courage and download a few to see if it makes any difference to anything! I really only pose the question to see reaction - if any!

  johnnyrocker 22:11 15 Feb 2004

windows does detail a lt of crap available the things to download are any/all critical updates and or service packs and forget the rest especially drivers.


  canute44 22:18 15 Feb 2004

The real critical downloads advised for my setup are IE6 SP1 and a patch for IE5.5 SP2. The first one downloads but refuses to install taking me into a vicious circle in which I am told to reboot to finish installation or run set up again which brings me back to rebooting to finish installation etc etc etc - see elsewhere on this forum. I may download the second plus something about up dating certificates. I am pleased to hear that much of it is as I suspected "crap". With that in mind I shall look at things in a different light!!

  sidecar sid 22:25 15 Feb 2004

if you are having trouble installing IE updates in Windows ME this may help

click here

  canute44 22:35 15 Feb 2004

Thanks sidecar sid, but all the different solutions seem to have been suggested elsewhere. My computer does not hang but the installation refuses to complete, everything else works fine including the original version of IE. There was a suggestion of using IEradicator but that looked very drastic for a pc idiot like me!

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