Microsoft Updates -are they worth the hassle?

  jack 10:42 10 Jul 2008

There I'll put the cat amongst the pigeons, when I read this
click here

Some months ago having put in a new HDD and reloaded the system I was discussing the pro's and cons up the updates and having to go through it all again with a new 'virgin' system and the guy I was discussing this with- said 'Look if you have an adequate virus protection - don't both er with all the MS c**p- it just clogs you up.
He being a System manager for a publishing group - I thought OK I'll give it a try - nothing to lose- if all goes nasty - I'll do the other thing.

Well that was some months ago
No updates- and so far no problems - the A/V presumably looks after it.
What do you all think?

  Stuartli 10:52 10 Jul 2008

You'll find that MS issued an update to cure this particular example. See:

click here

  Daibus 11:03 10 Jul 2008


  chub_tor 11:13 10 Jul 2008

Forums like this one are set up so that people with problems can post them and have them resolved. Consequently it is very skewed towards comments that are anti Microsoft Windows. You will rarely see anyone post to say that they have installed an update and it was successfull yet there must be many thousands if not millions of people like me who religiously install every update that Microsoft supply and who rarely if ever have a problem with it.

Over the years from Windows 95 through to Vista SP1 I must have installed hundreds of Microsoft Updates for their OS and for other Microsoft Products not only on my PCs but also for family and friends. I can count on the fingers of one hand the number of times that any of these updates have been cause for concern and have made me reinstall or restore before the problem is resolved - usually by going to the Microsoft Website and searching for their answer.

The fact that I regularly run utilities for keeping my PCs free from malware, keeping the registry clean and by carefully examining programmes and webpages before downloading anything helps me I am sure.

I amd quite sure that Microsoft does not purposely put out "cr*p that clogs up your machine" as you say. Commercial pressure dictates that they release products that are not always perfect but that happens in every industry - how many times have the auto manufacturers recalled products because they are unsafe (far more dangerous than dodgy software for home users).

I have no connection with Microsoft, just a retired old electronics engineer who has been at the sharp end of releasing products for mass production and knows what the pressures are. Microsoft have enabled me and many others to communicate in ways that we could never have dreamed about when I was building my first crystal set in the 1950's and I am happy to use their products and their updates as long as they are prepared to put them out.

This cat ain't chasing that pigeon!

  jack 12:10 10 Jul 2008

Very cogent sir
I have to say having like your self over the years took on board every update that came along.
Then that opinion came my way-............
And so far - no ill effects
Of course You don't miss what you never had - so what little wrinkles am I missing out on?
In a similar vein - I work out 3 times a week at a local gym.
Have done so these 10 years past
I was asked-...and is it doing you any good?

How could I say - I would have to stop to find out,
and perchance not live to get a definitive answer
Such is life............

  jack 12:14 10 Jul 2008

You'll find that MS issued an update to cure this particular example. See:..........

That's one I missed
Well I suppose as I am not loading updates it did not apply ;-}

  keef66 12:41 10 Jul 2008

MS didn't issue anything, judging by the size of the download (from Zone Alarm)the solution is provided by installing a newer version.

  jack 12:35 11 Jul 2008

not with standing the fact the number of years I have been a member ,I though perhaps he was a point here- after all MS would not spend lots on the work if it was not required -would they?

So Yesterday afternoon- set the 'Download' going
Then went shopping- came home machine running OK and proceeded with the rest of the day.

In evening having done my stint- shut down.
Got the 'shut down and go away' warning-
Came bed time- shut down, still got the same warning.
So left it and arose in the small hours to finally shut down.

This morning fired up -very sluggish- Hmm
Went on line - connected OK- fired up E-mail client - just sat there- then server timed out.

Come to Web and here- yesterdays page came up with half the Red top colour missing- and timed out.

Did a restore - came up with 2 software distribution points.
deleted the last one- and exited.
Fired up once more -All OK.

Perchance then my chum has a point?
Perhaps we should be selective in our choice of patches to load


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