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  thumbscrew 21:02 30 Jan 2009

I'm on XP and, although I'm set for automatic updates, I've just checked Security Centre and it seems there's an update that hasn't been installed. It's...Microsoft Net Framework 3.5 Service Pack 1 and net framework 3.5 Family update...248 mb and installation time 58 minutes.
Can anyone tell me if I should install it and why, as I'm set to receive automatically, it didn't inatall. Thanks.

  User-1229748 21:07 30 Jan 2009
  thumbscrew 21:18 30 Jan 2009

Thanks smackheadz, very informative...still unsure if I should download and why it didn't install automatically.

  User-1229748 21:52 30 Jan 2009

sorry thumbscrew,i was reading the thread earlier in the week but after your post i thought i'd check my updates and the bugger was there ready for me to download and install aswell.i also have my updates to install automatically aswell but i had to do it manually so your not alone in that respect but it did install correctly.

  thumbscrew 21:59 30 Jan 2009

Thanks pal...should I install?

  User-1229748 22:13 30 Jan 2009

it was marked as an "important" update on mine so if it's the same for you i would yes.

  six-h 22:27 30 Jan 2009

Never noticed that little blighter was sat waiting!
Thanks for the alert!

  thumbscrew 22:29 30 Jan 2009

Ok downloading the blighter..cheers six and smackheadz

  thumbscrew 08:20 31 Jan 2009

Well, I've had some fun...downloaded much faster than I expected, all seemed hunky dory until it seemed to stall approximately two thirds of the way through. Although it said "Downloading" and the bar was flashing, nothing seemed to be progressing so, after a decent interval I cancelled, with the intention of starting anew. All sorts of problems began then...couldn't turn it off, wouldn't shut down etc, culminating in me doing a System Restore to arrive back where I began. I'm now reluctant to start the process again. Anyone had similar?

  CFC23 09:00 31 Jan 2009

I saw this post last night and thought I would download it before going to bed. The download took about 6 minutes,I have a fast connection due to being close to the exchange.
I let it install,which took some time,I then switched off the computer rather than doing a re-start at that late hour.

When I booted up this morning I had a screen that I had not seen since the computer was first started when new. Then a box with "cannot load locally stored profile" This had a timer counting down from 30 secs. I clicked this away and the boot up continued.
When complete, two thirds of applications on my desk top were missing,there was no Internet connection and most things did not work!
I am pleased to report that a reboot brought everything back and computer is now o.k.
So be warned, it gave me a real shock!

  crosstrainer 09:03 31 Jan 2009

Varies. It's 58mg in Vista, but a whopping 248mg in XP Pro and XP MCE. It's not present in 7, so assume it came with the ISO file.

My lappy runs MCE but have not installed it yet. Done the other two without issues though.

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