Microsoft Updates!!

  swanny2 16:55 13 Nov 2007

On my Sons Laptop i have updates set too Auto every day from microsoft..
Now for curiosity i went too updates it scanned his pc,an said install High Priority Udates? office 2003 Service Pack 3 (sp3)108mb.
Wat id like too kno if its scheduled too update evry day,why didnt it download the above Update. if it set too everyday? if you know what i mean :O) hmm.


  p;3 17:19 13 Nov 2007

may I suggest that, until this

click here
is sorted out on both computers you 'hold fire'?

I would suggest that you are unwise to be using the computers expect to check for a reply to the log requests on the malware forum ? if you change settings this will affect what is on the logs which will not help the helpers who will be viewing your logs to decide who will help you over there ; also using the computers unnecessarily may also be making matters even worse with possible infections

  swanny2 17:22 13 Nov 2007

Hmm ok but ive done the updates on me sons laptop.said it was criticalmate. so had do them . sorry. If i need too do 2 more logs i will .as i update all me spyware etc everydayif needed,then runa scan,if iget updates. Just too be on the Safe side.

  p;3 17:32 13 Nov 2007

do NOT add ANYTHING to the threads on the other forum until a helper has got to you

the 'critical' updates are not that vital at present and nor is updating the other programs as all you SHOULD be doing is opening the comp and checking for a mail notification from that forum or even just checking the threads themselves; in my view the LESS you do while you know you ARE infected the better; once you are clean THEN you CAN take time to update

if that were MY comp I would hold fire until the helper tells me what to do and when and merely check that forum and nowt else

  birdface 22:41 13 Nov 2007

Only crucial Up-dates are downloaded.Any other up-dates you have to do manually,At least I think thats how it works.

  swanny2 22:55 13 Nov 2007

ye cheers p3 but while im sat here for 3 days, waiting. and me sons on his laptop via router too my desktop,i dont want my pc too be Hacked, ive had it done once b4. So i look after number 1 if u know whatimean . kids dont give a toss. do they . as long as theycan chat. lol. i use my pc everyday got things on it,that i dont want hackers get. anyway i will wait.

  p;3 10:10 14 Nov 2007

my advise is that it is rather foolhardy to continue to go on line except to check for a reply to the forum ;what is the son doing on his computer?

I recently worked on a messed up computer that the youngster declined to stop using despite knowing it to be infected;she continued to do (yes P2P stuff, unbeknowns to the owner )and other unnecessary stuff; partly due to this, that computer got so messed up that it had to have windows reinstalled on it; its owner will now NOT allow it to go on line

it is ultimately up to you as it is your computer ,but my advise is to stop usign them except to check for forum replies until you are cleaned

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