Microsoft update Problem.

  birdface 10:57 12 Nov 2008

I tried downloading Microsoft updates manually last night but it would not let me .It said I had to use Automatic Updates.So I set it for Automatic and sure enough I could then get the updates.Is this Microsoft pushing us to use the Automatic updates only.Now this was not the big problem,While downloading them A Squared popped up to warn me about an invisible program wanting to be installed it was mrtstub.exe as it was from Microsoft I allowed it.having Googled it I find out that it is either for the Microsoft Malicious Malware Removal tool.Or it is indeed Malware.As I find that the removal tool has never ever found anything on my computer I think its time that I removed it. I have enough security programs on my computer without it,is there a safe way of removing it without any problems to my computer. Googled. click here=

  MAJ 11:05 12 Nov 2008

System Restore to before the updates, when the updates download again, choose the Customise install option and deselect the update you don't want to install.

  MAJ 11:23 12 Nov 2008

Anyhoo, buteman, the tool isn't installed as such and the update just updates the .exe which you can delete.

  provider 2 11:34 12 Nov 2008


The MSRT is updated every month and with Automatic Updates it will download and run (but not install except as a temporary file) before the Windows update itself. This is by design.

You can install it from the Ms download centre if you want to do that, though it never seems to nab anything on my system, anyway.

click here

  rawprawn 12:14 12 Nov 2008

Good morning to you, I have just installed the updates manually with no problems. No complaints from A Squared either.

  birdface 12:29 12 Nov 2008

I got the paid version of A Squared free for a year and it is that that picked it up.I went into Microsoft to run the program again.And a Squared came back with the warning.You can't be 100% sure about Microsoft downloads at the moment they always seem to give someone problems.But I must admit since I had Rogue Spyware programs trying to install on my computer about 2 weeks ago I run all my security programs at there Max.It slows the computer down a bit but it is a small price to pay.Plus I noticed that you installed the updates manually.I can only think that I may have picked a busy time to download them last night,But funny they downloaded Ok when I switched Automatic updates on.I have since switched it off again.I will go with what the others have said and stop it from installing the Malicious Malware Remover on further updates. Thanks everyone for the replies.

  birksy 13:44 12 Nov 2008

Thanks for you help with my problems, but here's my thought on your current query.

I had Kasperski I.S. on manual update, so that I could run it when convenient. The result was, that it would frequently not update, as the server was too busy to give me access.

Since I updated Kasperski to the 2009 edition, it is still on auto update by default, and now the symptoms are, Kasperski updates when it can get on line.
I think this equates to keep pressing redial on a telephone, when you get a busy line the first time. I reckon, if you keep trying manual update, it will do so sooner or later. Then it's a strong bet that the problem is a busy server.

  birdface 14:12 12 Nov 2008

Yes I was thinking that myself.I did try rebooting and trying again but it made no difference.I have AVG but have the automatic update switched on.You can have it run whatever time you want.I never have it to run at start up as it slows the computer down.Now I have set the anti-virus to run scans manually then you can run it when you want.It has a little square that you tick and the computer powers down after the scan.So ideal to run if you are going out or going for dinner.Glad to see that you have solved your other problem.It must have been close to going out of the window a few times.

  kdt 15:34 12 Nov 2008

MS update would download not install then told me to wait for automatic install...probably keeping the servers clear I think.installed ok by auto though.

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