Microsoft update problem?

  Aristocatman 13:56 07 Jan 2006

Automatically downloaded Microsoft XP pro update on my network PC's last night when I fired them up this morning my network was totally screwed up I have just got things up & running having been at it since this morning. Connectivity was non existant wouldn't let my IPCop DCHP allocate IP addresses. Initially thought it was an IPCop problem so spent some time testing & checking with no problem showing Finally aging brain remembered that update was trying to shut me down last night so left it to it before finally shutting down. I ran a restore to last thursday date & Bingo all working! Dunno what the update entailed but it sure screwed me up for 5 or 6 hours!

Anybody else had problems?

  GuZ><0r 14:01 07 Jan 2006

Can't say I have, Finally my computer is working well. O but I am not on a network, so...

  GuyForty 14:27 07 Jan 2006

My friend loaded a windows update recently and has been unable to use his e-mail since. He just gets a blue screen each time he tries to go on line. Anyone else had this problem recently?

  BRYNIT 14:59 07 Jan 2006

I had a problem with update KB912919 I could not sending or receiving e-mails. Today I removed the update this rectified the problem. I then reinstalled the update without any more problems.

  GuyForty 15:15 07 Jan 2006

Thank you Brynit. Was your problem in the last week, I think between Tuesday and Thursday?

  GuyForty 15:59 07 Jan 2006

I have looked on the Microsoft site and found KB912919 mentioned only in the last 2 days. How do you find and uninstall an update please?

  GuyForty 17:13 07 Jan 2006

I have now answered my own question and phoned my friend. i.e click Start, Control Panel, Add or remove programmes, then tick box to show updates. I did not see the updates at first, but when I reopened it there they all were with dates and KB912919 installed today!

  Aristocatman 20:39 07 Jan 2006

Well I'm not sure exactly what my problem is I'm still losing my network after leaving PC's idle for some time IPCop DHCP lease times out & for whatever reason doesn't renew so PC's allocate themselves random IP addresses so stop network communication I had a similar problem a year or so ago - just long enough to forget how I fixed it! It's working again at the moment for how long I'm not sure. Fixing the IP address established some communication on another PC in the network enabled me to connect to IPcop but still couldn't get on line. Then I tried this PC & connected immediately! What can I say!

  bluto1 21:53 07 Jan 2006

Recently I had an automatic download and I had to reboot the beast before it would be effective. Fortunately I was sitting in front of the PC so I opted for the reboot and all was well. Did you reboot? May not be your answer but..........

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