Microsoft Update.

  joethebow 00:07 30 Jan 2005

Very soon you will not be able to use the update site unless you have at least SP1 installed.

That's what it says on the microsoft update site. OK so my version of XP is much older than that. What happens if I need to reformat and reinstall and the SP1 rule has been evoked? I won't be able to update.

I have all the updates downloaded and installed, is there any way I can back up the original files to CD so I can load them from there in an emergency?

  ACOLYTE 00:11 30 Jan 2005

I think its more of a pirate copy of xp issue,not that im saying you have one just that most updates will only be offered if you have a genuine copy of the os,There is a way to back up and save updates i think you go to the custom install part of updates site but i havent done it in a while so maybe some other user could tell you more.

  ACOLYTE 00:13 30 Jan 2005

click here

from a thread click here

  Completealias 00:16 30 Jan 2005

Your best bet would b to get a copy of either sp1 on disc or sp2 u can order sp2 on disc from the microsoft website.

Otherwise you can trawl through the microsoft website not windows update and download all the updates seperately as stand alone exe files. Trouble with this thou is it only lists them as update numbers eg \KB....... Still if you've still got a list of updates installed in your add/remove programs you can download them

  Djohn 00:16 30 Jan 2005

Have you not updated to SP2 yet joethebow? You can update from Microsoft's site or obtain the disk with it on, or is there a reason you would rather not have SP2?

  joethebow 00:24 30 Jan 2005

Like I said in my last paragraph:

I have all the updates downloaded and installed.

What I want to do is back them up to disk so the next time I reformat my drive, which I invariably have to do at least once a year for various reasons, I can reinstall them.

  ACOLYTE 00:26 30 Jan 2005

I dont think you can after they are installed not 100% on that though they are temp files but as most updates require a restart i think they get deleted after.

  Completealias 00:37 30 Jan 2005

Acolyte's correct once the updates are installed the files are wiped. Last months PCA talked about copying the updates to disc but this had to be straight after download b4 the updates where installed. Not much help to u thou. As I said I would get a copy of sp2 on disc u can order one from here click here

Then if you look in add/remove programs and tick the show updates box you should be able to see the update numbers and you may be able to download them from the microsoft website as standalone exe files

  Djohn 00:41 30 Jan 2005

You can download SP2 from here and instead of installing it, burn it to a disk for future use. click here

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