Microsoft Trackball Mouse problem

  Effie 20:22 27 Jun 2006

I have just acquired a Microsoft Trackball Optical Mouse. The curser is moved by moving one's thumb on a ball.

Unfortunately, unlike my use of the Logitech equivalent, I am finding that the 36mm Ball isn't user friendly and the ball doesn't move without great effort being applied to it (surface is matt in texture and one feels like you are having to 'drag' the ball in order to move the curser).

Are there any other Microsoft Trackball Optical users out there who have experienced the same problem and have come up with a working solution re my difficulties with this specific mouse?


  desi3026 22:27 27 Jun 2006

Yes,I've got the same mouse.I find I have to take the ball out about once a fortnight or so and clean it with a damp cloth.Then scrape any bits of ingrained grime of the ball housing with your finger nail.Works a treat.I could never go back to a non trackball again.
Regards desi3026

  Effie 22:38 27 Jun 2006

I've only had the mouse a few days, cleaned it and it's housing several times but no improvement.

I've used several trackball mice since 1998 so can aggree with you on just how great they can be, providing you can use one and it meets your individual needs.I know many the person who just cuts and runs at the sight of one so I guess it's very much down to individual choice.

Am I just being unlucky re my latest venture as cleaning it doesn't seem to have made any impact what so ever?

  desi3026 14:28 28 Jun 2006

Hi Effie,
as its only a few days old,perhaps you should take it back and change it.Mine only starts to suffer with the symptoms you describe after a period of time,when a little cleaning becomes necessary.Good luck anyway.

  Effie 20:30 28 Jun 2006

Thanks Desi. Unfortunately it was the last in the shop and as this model has become discontinued so I'm now thinking of trying to get a different reflective sphere/ball of the same size , but shiny and see if that might sort out the problem permanently.

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