Microsoft T Shirt

  Xp_4_Me 21:06 04 Nov 2004

Does any one know where i can get a microsoft t shirt with certified on it or somthing to do with xp?????


  Jackcoms 21:09 04 Nov 2004

Having bought the product/s you now want the T-shirt as well????

Come on!! Just how much more do you want to line Bill's pockets?

And you want the word 'certified' on it as well?


  sean-278262 22:32 04 Nov 2004

a local t shirt shop will gladly print your chosen design and for a tenth of the price gates would ask. why would you want one?

I cant believe that you would want a Microsoft t-shirt it baffles the mind.

  josie mayhem 22:59 04 Nov 2004

prehaps xp-4-me is really old bill gates himself doing some market research?

What better way, to find out weather a product would sale and how many of us would likley counterfit it?

Mind you if you buy some of bill's software that designs a iron on transfer, he might just about let you get away with copy rights problems,

That is of course weather you aren't bill himself!

  spuds 23:08 04 Nov 2004
  gudgulf 23:22 04 Nov 2004

I beleive that the latest version of the "Longhorn" T-shirt is being released next year with the sleeves missing.Apparentlty the team working on the sleeves were diverted to fixing holes in the previous XP T-shirt.

I have it on good authority that the sleeves will be released as a free sew-on patch some time after the original T-shirt release.

Apologies in advance for my poor sense of humour!!!!!!

  _plAsma 23:26 04 Nov 2004

erm, you want a t-shirt saying that your certified by microsoft then, well are you actually certified by microsoft?!

  Salinger 23:31 04 Nov 2004


  sean-278262 23:36 04 Nov 2004

Dont forget they will be beta testing the new underwear soon after the longhorn t-shirt expect the full outfit by 2025 for a little under the measley sum of $10000.

  spuds 23:49 04 Nov 2004

You will find some Microsoft T-shirts and other Microsoft items here click here

  david.h 15:30 05 Nov 2004


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