Microsoft strong-arm tactics?

  Drum 15:48 13 Aug 2008

I've set my PC up to always ask for permission to install updates, never to install them automatically.
However ........
Has anyone ever noticed that if you get a system tray notification that security and other updates are available for your computer, and you subsequently download those updates, before installation an install screen appears.

This is normal, but occasionally also appearing is Microsoft's usual lengthy screed of largely unintelligible terms and conditions. I usually read these conditions very carefully, and on the two occasions when I have clicked the " I decline" button as opposed to the "I agree button", the install of the download starts anyway!

I think this is a downright liberty forcing you to install the software and presumably agree with the conditions, even though I have strenuously NOT agreed. The download and install has indeed taken place, as witnessed by the new updates being listed in the add remove programs list in control panel !

Comments welcomed.

  dogbreath1 15:54 13 Aug 2008

Tbh, I don't read the conditions, coz in the grand scale of things whether you do or you don't and whether you decide to install or not, it doesn't really matter one jot.

  woodchip 15:58 13 Aug 2008

I do all mine Manual, I do not let it even look at my comp. I click on the Windows update Icon when I want to do it. Then Load the ones I want not what they say

  birdface 16:12 13 Aug 2008

From another here

  hiwatt 18:50 13 Aug 2008

I have mine set to ask me when to install but it only ever offers me "important" updates anyway so I always just install them.What can microsoft gain by looking at our computers anyway?I actually had microsoft help me with a problem via easy assist.I had never heard of it but they connect to your computer and have total control over it.

  Patr100 19:44 13 Aug 2008

When you click "no" Are you sure Update does not then download those updates which do not require further argreement? Sometimes minor and major updates are bundled.

  cocteau48 08:36 14 Aug 2008

Just found this:
click here
worth a read.

  Batch 10:35 14 Aug 2008

I have Automatic Updates just set to notify me.

Then I independently go to Windows Update (its usually in the Start Menu) and do a Custom install.

  Drum 14:56 14 Aug 2008

Patr100 interesting comment!
I was notified of one update this morning (a malicious software removal tool), and after clicking the install button I got a terms and conditions box. I clicked the "I decline" box, which was followed by a further box that said that this update would NOT be installed. So you might be right!

It beggars the question though, why do some updates require you to agree to a licensing agreement and others not?
Also .......... why do I need so many malicious software removal tools or updates?
This is very similar I think to the Windows Genuine Advantage caper that I went through last year. I was asked several times a week for easily a couple of months to verify that my copy of Windows was genuine!

What is Microsoft up to?

  Mr Mistoffelees 15:52 14 Aug 2008

I do the same as Batch, that way I get the updates quickly and retain full control over what gets installed.

  Drum 16:07 14 Aug 2008

I do as well, but that wasn't the point!

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