Microsoft soon to stop supporting 98SE

  Muckleface 13:33 25 Jan 2003

I read in PC Advisor that Microsoft are no longer going to be supporting Windows 98SE after a certain date.

It said to burn all of the downloadable updates to a CD, but im not sure how I go about doing it?

Are the updates stored in a file somewhere?

Do I need to just burn them all to CD or do I need some sort of program to install them all?


  Gongoozler 14:00 25 Jan 2003

Hi Jordan. If you computer is stable, then as long as you have backed up your installation I don't think you need to worry. When Microsoft stop supporting Windows 98, your computer won't stop working and there will still be plenty of support on the web, it will just be that Microsoft will no longer investigate problems.

The updates from Microsoft are listed on this Microsoft page:- click here, but you will see that there are very few that you are likely to need.

  Stuartli 14:05 25 Jan 2003

This has been posted before, but the official support details and when the service ceases, is available here:

click here

  ©®@$ђ 14:08 25 Jan 2003

put it this way, when an operating system is released by microsoft, it will be supported for 5 years

so xp home will be supported until 2006 and xp pro will be supported to 2008 according to microsoft

98 is ready for the chop

  Muckleface 14:12 25 Jan 2003

How do I "back up my installation" ?


  Gongoozler 14:29 25 Jan 2003

Hi Jordan. Backing up is a wise thing to do anyway, then if your carefully configured installation crashes for any reason, you can easily restore it. In my system I use the Windows backup utility. This is not installed in the standard Windows 98se installation, but has to be installed via the Control Panel - Add/remove programs route, you will need the Win 98se disk. I have partitioned my HD to give me C: for Windows and installed programs, D: for saved files, and a 6G E: partition for backups. Using the Windows backup via My Computer C: - Properties - Tools, I can backup the C: partition to E:. Then if Windows gets corrupted, I can format C:, reinstall Windows, then restore the complete C: installation from E:. It would be better to backup to a removeable drive, but that involves spending money. An alternative would be to use third party backup software and back up to cdr disks.

  Pesala 18:32 25 Jan 2003


  wee eddie 16:51 26 Jan 2003

stopping support meant that there would be no new upgrades on the MS 98se Site.

What I am reading here sugests that that site will be removed.

Is this true. first or second item here

  Stuartli 17:05 26 Jan 2003

Your assumption is correct in that MS will no longer undertake any security or other updates for Win98; however so much work has been done on it that it is pretty stable these days if all the previous updates etc have been downloaded or added.

However, you will still be able to update Oe and IE, which is usually of most concern to Win98 users with a stable system.

  flecc 18:51 26 Jan 2003

The suppoprt enters it's "extended" phase this July, and that lasts for two years so don't worry. It's academic anyway, most of us use 98SE without bothering with updates, security or otherwise, leaving the protection to the firewall and anti-virus, it's their job and they do it well.

Other support is unnecessary as well since there are many independent support sites out there with as good or better 98SE info.

You won't be stopped from using 98, unlike XP where when the support ends, the activation will go with it.

  xoc 19:32 26 Jan 2003

Appropo this being in the offing, I have been having lots of problems recently with 98se despite being fully up dated.
I have the option of installing either ME or W2000!
Which is the better of the two? and should I install over 98se? or back up, delete 98se and do
a clean install.
All advice welcome!!

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