Microsoft security update by email?

  polymath 21:37 04 Mar 2003

There was 1 in my Mailwasher this eve. Having a suspicious mind, I wondered if MS do this? I go to their site & download updates, but haven't had one of these emailed ones before.

I was going to download it into OE, & not open it till I'd checked with someone (making sure my antivirus real-time monitor was on!), but it took a long time to download a small bit of it, then I got 'timeout error at your server', & couldn't continue receiving emails till I'd deleted the MS one in Mailwasher. However, at 11.3kb, it was smaller than the previous email, which downloaded quite quickly.
I don't know how I would have stopped it & continued, using just OE, but then I still haven't learned all the tricks!

Do other people get these updates by email? It would still be interesting to know if it was kosher.

The 'from' (if my scribble is correct) was Microsoft [email protected]. It said it was the latest version of the security update, the April 2003 Cumulative Patch, etc etc.
There were several small grammatical flaws, which seemed unlike Microsoft.

Am I being sensible or paranoid?

  VoG™ 21:39 04 Mar 2003


I strongly suggest that you delete it - probably a virus.

  Djohn 21:47 04 Mar 2003

VoG™, is absolutely correct, and you should follow his advice and delete!

  Gaz 25 21:51 04 Mar 2003

is the latest one, none for april mate, it's a virus or a spoof.

  Terrahawk 21:56 04 Mar 2003

no micrososoft do not send updates by email you have to get it from their website i suggest you delete the email asap as it could well contain a nasty suprise

  polymath 22:06 04 Mar 2003

Thanks folks. I'll hang on to that suspicious mind!

I'd heard of people who are up to no good, masquerading as anti-virus firms, so I suppose it makes sense for them to use names like Microsoft too.

Even though I have PC-cillin real-time antivirus monitor on, (& preview pane off), there's all those other tricks, like secretly locking people into premium-rate phone lines.

Beware anything unsolicited!

  polymath 22:09 04 Mar 2003

Don't worry, Terrahawk - it is safely deleted, before it got to my OE.

  polymath 20:53 05 Mar 2003

Just refreshing this, to warn others to delete emails containing 'Microsoft updates', and not open them, let alone run any programs in them. I got another 2 or 3 of these things, so others, including novice email users, might be getting them too.

Sorry - an omission in the 1st posting was forgetting that not everyone knows about Mailwasher. It's a shareware program that enables viewing emails at your ISP's server, before downloading them into Outlook, OE or whatever. You can delete unwanted ones & just download the ones you're sure about. And/or bounce them back (rather satisfying!)

  VoG™ 23:03 05 Mar 2003

Thanks - worth a "Refresh" I think.

  Terrahawk 23:20 05 Mar 2003

entirley my fault polymath i am aware of mail washer a bad case of a quick look at the thread whilst working on other things

anyway well keep this at the top for a bit longer


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