microsoft security scare or propoganda ?

  jonnytub 19:37 28 Jun 2004

Hi everyone, today after picking my wife up from the local metro station, she mentioned she had read an article in the paper that comes free for travellers (METRO NEWS), being as she is all she could remember was that microsoft were in a round about way telling people not to use explorer until a massive security hole had been plugged, this statement apparently came from microsofts head of security (alfred something or other?), is this crap? or an actual under reported serious security breach of microsofts explorer? anyone clarify, i wouldnt want to start a frenzy ?

  hugh-265156 19:41 28 Jun 2004

click here

keep your AV up to date and dont worry to much about it. im still using internet explorer.

  jonnytub 19:44 28 Jun 2004

cheers huggy, am i right in that the loophole was originally opened by one hacker, who then in turn opened it to all other hackers?

  Forum Editor 19:45 28 Jun 2004

and visit the Windows update site to make sure you have all the critical updates.

  jonnytub 19:47 28 Jun 2004

cheers guys

  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:49 28 Jun 2004

As usual dim-witted hacks, incapable of meaningful research, have got their snouts right in the leftover trough and blown it up out of all proportion from their rear ports..from Symantec..'Security firm Symantec said the malicious code was not widespread and did little damage'. There is absolutely nothing to worry about.


  jonnytub 19:50 28 Jun 2004

ok best kill this thread, thanks for your help

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