Microsoft Security Bulletin

  Sirpad 20:39 09 Nov 2005

I'm getting a pop-up asking me if I would like to get an update from Microsoft that says 'a security issue has been identified in the Graphics Rendering Engine'.

It refers to Microsoft Security Bulletin MS05-053. Need I bother with this if even though I have Spywareblaster and NOD32 installed?

Should I ignore all of these Microsoft 'Updates'. If so is there any way of stopping this pop-up altogether?

  Jackcoms 20:45 09 Nov 2005

I'm somewhat confused by this.

I'm not aware that MS generates any pop-ups. How and when is this pop-up appearing?

The only way to get genuine MS updates (and IMHO they're ALL important) is to go here click here

  Das Boot 20:50 09 Nov 2005

you have got automatic updates activated in XP just click on the pop up in the task bar and it will do the job for you.

  Das Boot 20:57 09 Nov 2005

Yes you do need to bother as it is a security update. I got it my self by the same method today.

  Sirpad 09:21 10 Nov 2005

Thanks guys. Das Boot (one of my fave movies by the way), why do you think my name is Chris?

Yes it is an automatic update activated in XP. Should I always click 'yes' to update?
Where do these updates come from?
I assume the one yesterday came from MS because when I looked at the details it pointed me to this MS Security Bulletin. If you think it's always safe to get the updates from this pop up then I'll heed them from now on.

  PaulB2005 10:19 10 Nov 2005

Yes it is an automatic update activated in XP. Should I always click 'yes' to update?


Where do these updates come from?

Microsoft. They are downloaded in the background and then offered for installation when complete.

Go to Start Menu, Control Panel, Automatic Updates to see what delivery options you have.

I prefer to have the updates automatically downloaded but let me choose when to install them.

  Sirpad 10:35 10 Nov 2005

Once again thanks to all for their help. Have taken all your advice. Am new to XP...thus all the questions.

  Das Boot 13:20 10 Nov 2005

No problem yes it is safe for Microsoft updates.
By the way it is me who is Chris

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