Microsoft security.

  alibob1526 19:09 25 Jul 2011

I have a difficult problem, my laptop is a HP G72 on Windows 7, 64bit. It has Microsoft security essentials as my security system. When I did a full scan it was taking far too long, 11 hours on one occasion, so I looked up Microsoft support & sent an email for assistance. From the 14.07.2011, I have had 4 emails from someone called Sharon at Ms support plus 2 from the Postmaster saying my replies had failed, then 1 from someone called Medina of Microsoft Technical escalation team telling me to uninstall any other security programs ( I had CCleaner), also uninstall MS security essentials, then reinstall & do a scan. After doing all this I did a scan which took just over 3 hours. Then I looked up MS support, found a freephone number & gave them a call. I spoke to someone who took a look at my computer & said I had been hacked by a bogus MS site & said he could fix the problems, get rid of the hackers & give me a more secure security program. He then went on to say that this would cost £92 + VAT. I said this sounded very expensive & he came back with,£72 plus vat, which as I explained was just about my weekly income, 75 year old on government pension. He asked what I wished to do then said goodbye. My concern is, Who do I trust?, the chap on the phone or the MS support site?. The email address given by Sharon is, [email protected] Can anyone explain what I should do next?. If I have been hacked, is there anyway |I can sort the problem myself? or do I have to pay £120?.

  wee eddie 19:22 25 Jul 2011

At no Cost.

Remove MS Security and install AVG, Avast or one of the other Free Anti Virus Programs.

Also a Free Firewall, Zone Alarm or Comodo.

As well as CCleaner you will need at least one of the Free Anti Malware programs, I would suggest Malwarebytes or SuperAntiSpyware. I use Spybot S&D as well, but many people don't like it as they find Tea Timer, it's Resident Protection, intrusive.

  wee eddie 19:26 25 Jul 2011

Remember ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Do not have 2 Anti Virus programs resident on the same Computer. It will cause all kinds of conflicts and possibly crashes.

Also, neither AV will be able to work effectively, it's almost the same as having no AV.

  rdave13 21:42 25 Jul 2011

As wee eddie really. Uninstall Microsoft Security Essential and reboot. Download and install Avast, free avast download only

Download free SAS,select free version

Download Malwarebytes, don't take up the full version trial after download.

Spywareblaster, javacool

Spybot S&D AND TEA TIMER ISN'T AS INTRUSIVE AS IT USED TO BE BUT YOU CAN DISABLE IT ON INSTALLING(sorry for upper case), old favourite of mine.

With the exception of Avast! v6 all the others need to be manually updated and scanned unless you pay for the professional version. SuperAntispyware asks for a one-off payment for the pro version, for the life of the product, and well worth considering.

  onthelimit1 09:13 26 Jul 2011

I've had no problems with MSE over the last 2 yrs, and a full scan takes about 30 mins. It's probably a problem with the installation. However, if Avast works OK for you, then fine.

  bremner 12:14 26 Jul 2011


Your initial email generated genuine responses from Microsoft.

You then went online and found a freephone number for a bogus company masquerading as official Microsoft Support.

I am with onthelimit1, I have used AVG and Avast and have found MSE to be better than both of these - but it always comes down to personal choice. There is nothing wrong with trying them out and seeing which you prefer. However as has been said before don't have two running at the same time.

  alibob1526 13:39 26 Jul 2011

Thanks to all. As regards Bremners reply, if the emails from Microsoft were the genuine article how come when I highlighted the return address they sent, came up as not known when pasted into Google? And why can they not accept the normal reply system. How can you reply to their emails if the link does not work?

  alibob1526 10:22 03 Aug 2011

Thank's to all respondants, I tried other antivirus as suggested but then received an email from MS support who were very helpful & sorted my problems so I reinstalled MSE & now seem to be OK. Thanks again.

  alibob1526 17:58 24 Sep 2011

Just a recap on your reply Bremner, I went back to MS security essentials & I did get online help with the slow scan problem from a lady from MS via email support who told me the same as you about telephone scam messages costing money. IE, do not even consider them as MS always give free advice on security problems. But as I said, to recap, I had a phone call yesterday from someone saying they were from MS & I had a lot of errors which they wanted to fix them for me. I did not let the fella,(dubious origin) get too far before cutting him off. This is just to warn anyone else in the forum, these scammers are still out there, DO NOT LET THEM CON YOU. Thank,s to Bremner, and all others who responded to my previous query, many thanks.

  onthelimit1 22:56 24 Sep 2011

alibob These scam phone calls are a well known scam. Sadly, a lot of people fall for it.

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