novis 12:00 07 Dec 2012

I had a phone call from someone saying they were Microsoft ringing in response to errors on my computer. I was asked to give the caller access to my computer.

I was instructed to All Programmes > Accessories > Systems Tools > Systems Information > Software Environment > Systems Drivers > Status.

I was told that these errors had come in through the internet and that unless I removed them my computer would not run properly. The caller told me that Microsoft would remove them if I paid £49.50

Suspecting a scam I declined.

I was told that if I changed my mind I could contact Stephen or Ashley on 020 7097 1878.

Any comments?

Later I found this:

Start > Run > View recommended actions to keep Windows running smoothly.

It reported that there were no problems with my computer.

Any advice would be welcome.

  Woolwell 12:03 07 Dec 2012

It is a scam which I had thought had been well publicised but obviously I am wrong on the well publicised bit.

Did you give them any access to your system? To be safe run an anti-virus check and anti-malware. You may well want to change passwords.

  TonyV 12:05 07 Dec 2012


You're right, it is a scam. I usually respond by asking how do you know I have a computer or did they know I have a MAC!! They usually put the phone down then!!


  alB* 12:28 07 Dec 2012

A good article by Matt Egan from August, Microsoft Phone Scam well worth a read ...alB

  compumac 13:45 07 Dec 2012

I am surprised that anyone who contributes to this forum was not awsare of this scam. As Woolwell says it has been well publicised.

  Sea Urchin 14:35 07 Dec 2012

There are many scams circulating - I receive at least half a dozen emails per day. The current ones seem to be (supposedly) from "Tesco" - today "they" have offered me £50 worth of free vouchers for online shopping at the store. To get the vouchers I have to submit full details of my account - including PIN etc.

Many companies appreciate having the mail forwarded to their special "phishing" address, but they are only of any use if you forward the full headers of the email.

  Peter 15:23 07 Dec 2012

I called the 020 7097 1878 number quoted by novis to see what they would ask for, but only got an answering machine. I didn't leave any message. When I made that call MY number was withheld. Just now I received an International call asking me why I had called. I played dumb and asked what number they thought I had called and was quoted 020 7097 1878. I denied making the call and the caller hung up.

Even though I had withheld my number they were able to call me back. How did they know my number?


  novis 16:01 07 Dec 2012

And, as relevantly - how did they know my number to ring me posing as Microsoft?

I was told they knew there were problems on my machine because I was subscribed to Microsoft error messaging. But when I was being shown the programmes that had stopped, Error Reporting was also stopped.

I don't know whether it makes a difference p- the suggestion that I change my passwords - but I use chrome which encrypts passwords.

BTY - how do I restart the stopped services? If the Hoaxer would have been able to repair them for £50 - there must be an alternative solution. Any ideas?

  Sea Urchin 16:38 07 Dec 2012

And, as relevantly - how did they know my number to ring me posing as Microsoft?

They didn't KNOW your number - they just ring thousands of numbers on the basis that virtually everybody has a computer, and that most people feel they have problems with their PC. There is nothing wrong with your computer - it is a SCAM. They want you to believe that you have a problem so that you will give access to your computer, and they may well then go on to try and obtain your credit card details from you.

Stopped Services can be restarted - you don't need to pay anything.

  lotvic 22:45 07 Dec 2012

Please read the Security report on In this scam cybercriminals call you and claim to be from Microsoft Tech Support

"Microsoft does not make unsolicited phone calls to help you fix your computer"

"If you receive an unsolicited call from someone claiming to be from Microsoft Tech Support, hang up. We do not make these kinds of calls."

  rdave13 23:14 07 Dec 2012

Peter, now that is a bit worrying? Withheld number being available to these scammers somehow.

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